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    Audible Vibes

   was set up in response for the need of a central location for event management resources.

    In partnership with various organisations and local business' AudibleVibes will be a central base for organisers and promotors to source every aspect of event management.

    AudibleVibes will provide you with all the information you require to organise your own events. This will save you time and our service will also help you work more efficiently which in turn will leave you to concentrate on more important matters.

    From stages to sound systems, lighting and special effects equipment, decor artists and backdrops. From First Aiders to litter picking after your event, AudibleVibes has it covered, and just to make sure, AudibleVibes can also help you to insure your event against un-foreseen disasters, like the 'weather'. And to make sure your event meets all legal requirements, AudibleVibes can also help you with your Temporary Entertainments Notice (TENs) application from your local council, although there is a separate charge for this, and to top it all, even security can be arranged if required.

    Do you require catering facilities at your event? That can also be arranged on your behalf. Please call for details or send an email and someone will reply at the earliest opportunity.

    "Only Vegan, FairTrade and Organic catering is offered by AudibleVibes".

    As a non profit organisation, we charge a £100 admin fee (which 50% goes to charity!) for our service to you.

    AudibleVibes will provide proof of all donations by means of either a telephone call from the administrators of the chosen charity, or by means of confirmation email from the administrators of said charity.

    AudibleVibes Sound Systems

    We offer FUNKTION ONE Systems and many others:

    TurboSound (floodlight)
    And more.
    We can provide a Sound System From 1Kilo watts up to 100K watts if required.


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    Fiesta Loca Events Fiesta Loca produces sexy, cutting edge events fusing music, arts, fashion, performance, visual arts, installations, live bands,djs in a very funky, original way that will make the difference when organizing your party or celebration. Surely, we will find a way to suit your needs and come up with an event that was tailored just for you.
    We believe that your party should be a manifestation of individuality, diversity and self-expression.
    We can produce a full event, or provide performers, djs, hosts, usherettes, sexy waitresses, tequila girls, sound systems, screens, projectors or anything else that your event may require.
    Fiesta Loca has an extended database that can provide everything you need for a special event. We will also work as an agency to represent artists, djs, musicians, performers, sound engineers, etc. So you can also send your work through if you want to get involved!
    We do full-scale events such as our famous Naked parties, assist doing big events (like festivals) and small-scale events like stag and hen nights, birthday parties and anniversaries, record labels, launch parties and fashion shows.
    Fiesta Loca can also help promote other events that we feel are in tune with our philosophy, or work in association with other organizations and affiliated parties within the UK and abroad.
    We also have an extended database of contacts and a huge following on face book, my space and other circles for social networking to promote our own events or other events we will associate with, be it a show, or any sort of new ventures.
    In our website we will offer a special section for hot tips on where to go out, what's going on in London and abroad, and what you should not be missing when going out. You can also share what you've been up to when you are out to play and will all be about networking, sharing and communicating.
    Please get in touch if you want to know more about what we do, or if you want us to send you a portfolio of our work.


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    Parabolic Label Record label dedicated to electronic music (breaks, electro, IDM) and audiovisual creative works. Half way between London and Barcelona, we're a platform for music and creative artists to showcase their work, being looked after and promoted. Parabolic Label is also a booking and management agency.


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    Visual Architects Visual Architects installations have fast become one of the most respected event transformation services in the UK. Based in Manchester but operates across the EU. With an expert approach to venue customization, Visual Architects are becoming the first choice for many promoters and event organisers when it comes to decor hire and production design.
    Creating fresh and original environments, the Visual Architects approach to decor, lighting and effects has become renowned, transforming events from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Specialists in visual manipulation and optical trickery, Visual Architects installations have an extensive catalogue of products which can be used to create surroundings that maximise ambiance and defy imagination!
    Offering a range of services and full support from start to finish, the team will ensure your event is an absolute visual masterpiece!
    Our installations are suitable for all types of events, nightclubs, festivals, private functions, corporate events and childrens parties.


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    World Music Day UK


    World Music Day is a free public event which takes place each year on the 21st June in more than 110 countries and 430 cities around the world.

    The event is also known as Fête de la Musique as it originated in France in 1982 - since then the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding to the same set of principles:

    World Music Day takes place every year on June the 21st

    World Music Day is a live music celebration which highlights the diversity of musical practices, in all musical styles

    World Music Day appeals for spontaneity and free participation of amateur and professional musicians

    All concerts are free for the audience. The organisers commit themselves to promote musical practice and live music with a non-profit-making objective

    World Music Day is an exceptional day for all types of music and audience. It must remain an open event and a source of exchanges and discoveries
    World Music Day is as often as possible an outdoor event taking place in streets, squares, public parks, playgrounds… It is also the opportunity to access and open places which are not traditionally concert venues: museums, hospitals, public buildings etc.

    The United Kingdom has fallen behind with the acceptance and promotion of this wonderful celebration of music in all its forms. More than that it is a celebration of summer, of community and extended use of public space. We shouldn't let our European neighbours have all the fun!

    We are asking everyone to think about how they can participate in a London contribution to World Music Day - whether that be performing, organising an event, convincing a venue to take their music to the streets or lending your time and equipment for free.

    We will work with specific areas of London where we feel there will be a good response to this, the first baby-steps towards making this day a national institution. We will build up a database of places where people have pledged to make a contribution and make this list known via a street map on the internet.

    If you can be part of the music or simply want to attend the events and enjoy yourself then collaborate with your friends and colleagues and motivate as many people as you can to take part. London can then be the first city in the UK to truly embrace the beautiful phenomenon known as World Music Day!


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    Through Access All Areas network we try to put like-minded people in touch. Please note that we are not acting as an agency.
    You are most welcome to visit/contact us with any enquiries.