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Friday 25 April 2014
Progressline ***Cancelled *** London Venue

Music: Trance - Psy Trance


ProgressLine ***Cancelled ***

Last Progressline season edition before the summer break

Saturday 26 April 2014
Whirl-Y-Gig Crucifix Lane (formally Jacks), 7-9 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1
Email:Contact Form

Music: Music & People of All Ages & Places



Sorry no more Advance tickets. We have now run out of our allocation. There will be tickets available at the Door on the night

Whirl-y-Gig embodies the spirit of community in a carnival atmosphere. Bathed in rainbow rippling lights and wrapped in exotic décor, it is a festival of delights for people of all ages and places. Dance to the Whirl-y-Beat and journey through Whirl-y-Gig's unique electronic landscape where many diverse elements blend into one cohesive and unifying experience. From heavy dub and funky drum n bass to tropical house and uplifting tribal trance, the Whirl-y-Mix embraces celtic and global, classical and psychedelic, rock and even pop, roots and radical. Whether it be African or European, Arabic or Asian, Whirl-y-Gig finds inspiration from around the world yet is rooted firmly in the here and now of London's alternative club scene.


Café Teez After party open till later with Herukajon

Light Show By Zeeman Zap

Happy Hang Ups Decor

Whirly Bazaar & Cafe Teez
Saturday 3 May 2014
Mad Dreams Made Actual TBA
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Flim Flam, House / D'n'B / Groove and Eclectic Chill Out


Mad Dreams Made Actual

Another chance for the promoters to show their love for Parties

A gathering of old friends, most of whom are riddled with arthritis and afflicted by constant tinnitus. The music policy will be a combination of trance and other dance.
That's two rooms though. Just in case you are envisioning some sort of happy hardcore/trance/electroclash monstrosity. If you want to hear that then put the Miami sound machine on double speed and ask josh wink and miss kitten to start with their floor show-Amsterdam stylee!
Two rooms with enough space between them to comfortably fit a bar, some snacks and a cloakroom. Throw in a chill out and Robert is indeed your mothers brother.

The entrance fee is £12 pound. £1 of that will go to access all areas. (www.accessallareas.org)the only one of its kind in England - ticket agency, information centre,

The other £1 will go to the advisory service for squatters (www.squatter.org.uk) their ceaseless work over decades has enabled the scene to flourish to the point where people don't even know who they are. They are trying to raise money at the moment to challenge the residential squatting laws so give them a donation now if you can.

Confirmed playing and in no particular order are

The mitch With No Name-Mitch
Psibindi-Aphid records
Terpsichore - phoenix groove records
Astralex-24/7 records
Anthony Lopez-Luna Luna
Tony Nexus-MDMA
Captain Kairos-Aphid records
DJ Nigel Photon-Geomagnetic.tv/revolv
Psy Commando-MDMA
Bongo joe-Electric Pyramid
DJ Lookwood-MDMA
Dj Don't Fuck About-City Quake Sounds
Graham Edensounds-King of Sussex
Juliet Blue- Naked
Marc Castello-Marine Kulture
Cosmic Thrust-MDMA
Jym Blootrax-Akatek Tribe
Johnny Boy-Tiocfaidh ar alcohol
Wendy Darling-MDMA

And playing live
Beardy Weardy-Wildthings Records
Jötunn- Treetrolla Records
Natraj-Natraj recordings
Mark Black-Climatic Records
DJ Amethyst-Hinotori Sound
Con Un Drum-Speaker Freakers
Any other acts will be announced on the night

That's the basics. There will be plenty more to come though. Special guests if we can manage to sort the rider out. It's a bank holiday weekend so lets have some fun out. LET'S GET TWISTED

Sound by Electric Pyramid Sound System
Cohesion Club 414, 414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF
Entrance:Only £5 before midnight / £10 after!
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance



Welcome back to the May edition of Cohesion. London's only monthly fullon psychedelic trance party. Still going strong. "Invite Your Dear Friends"

Room 1 · -----· Dance Floor · -----·
Champa Live!

Mentalogic Live!

Djane Amethyst



Spunky Lobster

Melodic Noise

Digital Stone

Room 2 (Chill Out Lounge/cafe)
A beautiful place to sit down and chill and chat with your friends, also have some snacks later in the night

* Movies playing all night!!! * High Quality Deco * Face Painting * Lights and Lazer Show * Friendly Security * Over 18 Only

(Open Roof terrace for those who wish to smoke) Please note that excessive noise will be not tolerated outdoors. Please respect the neighbourhood, Thank you for your co-operation :)

Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) 1 minute walk
Rail = Brixton (Mainline station) 2 minutes walk

Daytime buses : 2,3,35,37,45,59,109,118,133,159,196,250,322,333,345,355,415,432,P4,P5

Night buses = N2,N3,N35,37,N133,N159,250,689,690

Directions: Come out of Brixton tube station and turn left. Walk 100 yards till you see KFC on your left. Turn left and walk 100 yards. You have reached your destination on the left.

Please Spread The Word! :-)
Elixir of Life presents and The Day Turned into Night

Online ticket order

Studio 338, Tunnel Avenue, Boord Street, Greenwich, London, SE10 0PF
Hours:10pm - 7:00am ( Doors open at 21:00)
Entrance:Limited 2 nd phase Tickets for now
Tickets:?17.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Progressive / Psychedelic / Techno / Trance / Electronica / Bass, Glitch & Swing


Elixir of Life presents .. and The Day Turned into Night

Please note event times has changed and the Line up is for 2 Rooms

Main Room // Elixir of Life / Progressive / Psychedelic

Burn In Noise
Liquid Soul
Captain Hook
Sonic Species
Shane Gobi
Liquid Ross
Bahar Canca

Night Room // Hosted by Boogie Boogie
Fagin's Reject
Nolan Shmolan
Mark Day
Full Lotus
Saturday 10 May 2014
Kaya Project Firedance album launch party

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street Camden Town, London NW1 8QS
Hours:9:30pm until 1:30am
Entrance:£7 or £13 including CD
Tickets:?6.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines: +44 (0)20 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form



Kaya Project Live featuring Randolph Mathews + special guest, DJ Monkey Pilot ( Whirl-Y-Gig)

Interchill records celebrate the release of Kaya Project's 5th Studio Album 'Firedance' scheduled for release in May 2014.

The CD will be available for the first time as part of the InSpiral 2 tier ticket Entrance price.

You can also purchase Combined Ticket for the event and CD to be collected upon entrance

Seb Taylor will be joined on stage by Randolph Matthews, long time Kaya Project collaborator whose heart-song vocal improvisations have graced several Kaya Project songs & featured prominently on the album '…& So It Goes'

Whirl-Y-Gigs own Richard Sutcliffe aka DJ Monkey Pilot will be manning the decks providing a selection of his trademark grooving World-music electronica.

For those that don't know, Kaya Project is a global collective of musicians spearheaded by Seb Taylor & Natasha Chamberlain. They have released 4 studio albums & 2 remix albums on Canada's Interchill records.

Focusing on Global Fusion compositions with predominantly Arabic & Indian overtones, The Kaya Project sound has been developing since it's debut release in 2004, culminating in it's most intense album to date, Firedance.

Seb is also known in the scene for his other projects, Hibernation, Angel Tears, Digitalis & Shakta.

There will also be a special free 'Album Launch Night' EP containing exclusive music by Kaya Project & Randolph Matthews (via download codes available at the event).
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure...

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Crucifix Lane, 7-9 Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW, London Bridge, London - UK
Hours:10pm - 6am
Entrance:More at Door
Tickets:?10.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic, Full On, Trance, Progressive, Down Tempo, Dub, Breaks, Balkan, Chill Out..


Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure...

Photos, videos and comments from last Event on Facebook

Check a video from the last party here

Good parties are always build-it-and-they-will-come affairs. If promoters take the time to understand what it is they are trying to achieve and develop a theme, find the appropriate venue, work with lighting and decoration crews that buy-in to the project and craft a DJ line-up to enhance these elements then invariably an event occurs where the vibe and atmosphere truly reflects the hard work and dedication of all those all involved. This is the approach that the Tribal Village crew have taken, many of them “veterans” of the psy-trance party circuit understanding the fundamentals of what makes a night one where you go home already thinking about the next one

:: Playground in both rooms ::

:: Laughing Buddha (UK)
:: Suduaya Live (France) First Time in UK :: Performing both his Psy-Progressive and Chill Out Live sets
:: Liftshift Live (Holland) :: Presenting his last 2 EP's 'White Light' & 'Chacruna'
:: Omsphere Live (Italy) :: Presenting his new Album 'KA'G BAK'TUN'
:: DJ Loic (France)
:: Dani (UK)
:: DJ Svess (Sweden)
:: Chandranada (Italy)
:: Bahar Canca (Turkey)
:: Mononegro (Italy)
:: Mr. Mush (UK)
:: Alexampt (South Africa)
:: Bedouin (UK)
:: Imry (Italy)

....more acts to follow...

Two Rooms - 14 Artists - Amazing Deco by FloatingBush CollectiveDecor, Video Mapping + LED show by Graham Geo-Matrix - Laser Show by Subsonic Systems - Clear Sound - Chai Bar by Soma PsyLounge - Stalls - Face Painting - Healing Area - Inversion Therapy and Osteopathy by Alex Hickman - Poi Performers - Jugglers - Good Vibes - Tribal Music...!

Psychedelic, Full On, Trance, Progressive, Down Tempo, Dub, Breaks, Balkan, Chill Out...

600 people capacity...friendly security...smoking area...
Thursday 22 May 2014
Small World Spring Festival 2014 Headcorn, Kent
Hours:22nd - 26th May 2014
Entrance:Advanced tickets only
Email:Contact Form

Music: Gypsy Jazz - Celtic - Ska - Swing - Balkan - Funk - Latin Bluegrass - Alt Country - African - Cabaret - Folk - Americana - Acoustic - Bhajan - Singer/Songwriter - Spoken Word - Walkabouts - Buskers - Campfire sessions - Cafe Jams


Small World Spring Festival 2014

A five day festival of creative spirit & sustainable living. Powered by the wind and sun.

Please click here for Tickets

Held on a beautiful site deep in Kent. Intimate, intense, warm and colourful, the way festival goers love. Small and safe so parents and children can relax and have fun.

A sustainable community celebrating the sheer joy of creativity, trust and love. An intoxicating blend of performers, artists, healers, craftspeople, colourful characters, jesters, magicians, families and party people. All run off the equivalent of one kettle.

Wild and Wonderful:
Gypsy Jazz - Celtic - Ska - Swing - Balkan - Funk - Latin - Bluegrass - Alt Country - African - Cabaret

Soft & beautiful:
Folk - Americana - Acoustic - Bhajan - Singer/Songwriter - Spoken Word - Walkabouts - Buskers - Campfire sessions - Cafe Jams

A wonderful kids area situated on the “village green” - Creative Play - Theatre - Music - Dress-up - Science Workshops - Arts and Craft - Parade - Kids Show

Thai Massage - Reiki - Reflexology - Aruveydic Massage - Aroma Therapy - Flower Remedies - Colour Therapy - Sound Healing - Shamanic Journeying

Music - Dance - Sound - Craft - Renewable Energy - Sustainable Living - Permaculture - Healing - Yoga - Astronomy - Clay work and Body Casting - Juggling - Poi

A space to chill with friends or get involved in what’s going on Circus skills leading to a fire show - Stage skills leading to stage performances

Delicious vegetarian food, locally produced and organic wherever possible, hot drinks, fresh juices , freshly made cakes and snacks. Watch a performance whilst you eat and drink, all the cafes have stages

Saunas and Showers - Herbal First Aid - Recyling Policy - Communal Fires - Fire Show - Parade - 24 Hour Shuttle Bus

Friday 23 May 2014
Spring Wiggle - MoDem Festival UK Teaser In One Secret Forest/UK (Location To Be Revealed Soon)
Hours:23rd-25th May 2014
Entrance:To be advised
Email:Contact Form

Music: PsyTrance , Progressive, Ambient & Folk


Boogie Woogie in collaboration with MoDem Festival present

Spring Wiggle - MoDem Festival UK Teaser

Welcoming all folks for one ultimate adventure in a magical forest bringing together the most talented Artists, Musicians & professionals showcasing only the finest PsyTrance , Progressive, Ambient & folk music, Mind Blowing Decor & visuals shows pushing the boundaries for one weekend to remember!

10th April **Stop Press* New updated information coming soon

Saturday 24 May 2014
The Orb + Banco De Gaia

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Cheese & Grain,
Market Yard
Justice Lane,
Frome, Somerset
BA11 1BE
Hours:8pm till Midnight
Entrance:Advance Tickets fo now
Tickets:?17.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Electronica


The Orb LIVE plus Special Guests

Event facebook :

Orb Facebook:

Main room

The Orb (Live Full AV show)

Banco De Gaia (Live Full AV show)

Jimige (DJ Set - Breaks & Electro house)

The Orb is celebrating its unique position as one of the few names to emerge from the 1988 acid house revolution still creating vital new music with a series of special shows in 2014 Tour

The silver jubilee in 2013 showed that they are both testament to the longevity of a uniquely original British musical talent and guarantee of an evening of floor-shaking grooves, warmly-surreal humour and the original euphoric spirit which turned acid house into the biggest youth revolution since punk rock.
Sunday 25 May 2014
Wonk#Ay Bank Holiday Spesh - 10th Year And Last Event! Volks Nightclub, 3 Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1PS
Hours:6pm - 6am (Possibly Later)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Bass Music, Glitch-Hop, Psytrance, Electro and Techno


Wonk#Ay Bank Holiday Spesh - 10th Year And Last Event!

** Probably The Sickest Free Party Out There **

After 10 years of FREE events WONK#AY will be bringing their last instalment of their multi genre “BANK HOLIDAY SPESH” charity events with a BANG! We have been proud to bring the people of Brighton together and contribute to the forwarding of underground music within the town and the world through our label.

We will be updating the line-up leading up to the event so keep an eye on this space!
The venue is right on the seafront so strongly advise hitting the beach before and after. :)
Each year we fashion a line-up to please the community we support and this year is no different!

Secret Guest Announced 12 May!

Kanji Kinetic B2b Lenkemz (Mutant Bass Records) (Slit Jockey/Sensless Records/Mad Decent)

Scorb (Trick Music)


Antispin (DigitalPsionics)

Bass6 + Experimental (BeatBox Collective)

Atomic Drop (Adapted)

Hugo Nation (24/7 Records)

Your Niece (GLITCH.FM)

Llama Leaf (Wobbly Records)

Duskky (Wonk#ay Records)

Olmec (Wonk#ay Records)

Aytch (Wonk#ay Records)

Mary Miss Fairy (Wonk#ay Records)

Hurtdeer (Wonk#ay Records)

Sicknote Steve (Sicknote)

Kokerboom(Wonk#Ay Records)

Sum-Runner (Wonk#ay Records)

Hosted by Bass6 (BeatBox Collective)

We would like to thank all the artists, crews and party people who have played a part in helping this event become what it is today. You all ROCK!

All profits donated to charity.
*Collections from buckets around the venue
Thursday 29 May 2014
Sunrise Celebation Presents All Good Things

Online ticket order

Chepstow Estate, near Bristol.
Hours:29th May - 1st june
Entrance:Advance tickets for now
Tickets:?105.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Calling all voyagers! Prepare to check-out of Babylon! Leave your baggage at the gate and enter the portal to Another World, a world of Infinite Possibility!


Sunrise Celebation 2014

Please click here for Tickets

Back to Our Roots
Five stages, 3 arenas and those Sunrise good vibes. This year we're going back to our roots and the festival is all about participation and co-creation. It’s your chance to get get enthused, empowered, illuminated and connected.

2014 sees us at a brand new home at the Chepstow Estate, near Bristol. It's the perfect Sunrise site with idyllic country park land and an awe inspiring view across the Severn bridges.

The All Good Things Arena is the 2014 home to our main indoor stage, Chai Wallahs with their incredible roster of emerging artists hosted in a spectacular environment. The line up includes: The Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax & Sparks, Jungle By Night, MC Xander, Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate, Sheelanagig, DJ Skitz, The Allergies and Wrongtom

The Sundance Arena will feature the Waveform stage, hosted by the Eartheart Dragon and working together with Illuminaughty, Tribe of Frog, Love of Dub and Gaia Chill to bring you the very best psychedelic music Britain has to offer. Plus The Up Rising Stage with GIVE Festival, Love Dance, Inspiral Lounge and Eden/Triplicity with visionary art gallery and finally Cats Cradle, Live Electronica stage.

Introducing the new Eden Village with the folk based Spit and Sawdust Stage, hands-on workshops, talks, kids area, music and dance, wilderness skills workshops for all ages and Forest School for children. Plus a series of magnificent talks on esoteric topics will be hosted by internationally acclaimed astrologer Jonathan Cainer.
Saturday 31 May 2014
Tristan + Dick Trevor @ inSpiral Lounge

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street Camden Town, London NW1 8QS
Entrance:£7 Limited
Tickets:?6.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines: +44 (0)20 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form



Tristan + Dick Trevor @ inSpiral Lounge

Just before the summer Festival season kicks off we host two of the worlds leading psytrance artists at an inSpiral party night of epic proportion.

DJ Tristan
has been at the forefront of the Trance scene for the past 20 years and for the past 3 years has been Inspiral’s one and only resident psytrance artist. There are 2 special party’s a year with Tristan and his special guest, which have gained a solid reputation at home and abroad for high quality music with a dedicated crowd and the best vibe in London.

Dick Trevor aka Dickster is responsible for the Green Nuns of the Revolution, Circuit Breakers, Infernal Machine, Bumbling Loons, AMD & countless other projects in his 19 years in the trance world. Legend is an understatement.

This event will likely sell out so make sure you get tickets in advance and don’t miss the fun! And we shall stay open a bit later tonight.
Chrysalid & Wildthings

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Amazing Private Outdoor Location somewhere in Berkshire
Hours:31st May - 1st June 2014
Entrance:Limited Advanced Tickets Only
Tickets:?33.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance - Psy Trance


Chrysalid & Wildthings

We are teaming up again with our friends from WILDTHINGS and have a beautiful little OUTDOOR spot about an hour west of London on a private estate with the landowner’s blessing.

The party will run from 18:00 on Saturday 31st May until 18:00 on Sunday 1 st June. You read that right! 24 hours of outdoor blasting fun!

This is a PRIVATE EVENT in Berkshire .Directions to the site will be emailed to ticket holders.
Ticket sales are limited and not many left

The programme for the night and day will be true to our style, bringing you an eclectic selection of genres with a high emphasis on psychedelic sounds. Expect lots of audio gems from international and UK live acts and DJs. Psytrance, prog, techno, electro swing, Balkan beats, glitch hop and reggae will be ingeniously combined to carry you through the day and night. As always with Chrysalid and Wildthings, we will guaranty a top quality production from start to finish.

Allaby (Nano)
Aytch (Wonk#ay)
Beardy Weardy (Wildthings)
Bedouin & Svess (Furthur Progressions/SecretSoma)
Fagin's Reject (Wildthings)
Gino/Fred Balkayou (Balkan Sonik)
Glen Fairy (Psyco-operative)
Hoodwink (Wildthings)
Hopi (Nano)
Irie M (The Dub Zone/Chrysalid)
K.i.M. (Zero One Music)
Mary Miss Fairy (Wonkay/Broken Records)
Morph (Liquid)
Psylentils (Chrysalid)
Reality Grid (Wildthings)
Spiney (Wildthings)
Very Special Guest
Whiptongue (Looney Moon)
Yamaga vs Moonquake (Hadra/Chrysalid)
Friday 6 June 2014
Symmetry Festival 2014 Sennowe Park, Norfolk
Hours:6th - 8th June 2014
Entrance:Advance Tickets
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Live Bands, Techno, Acid Techno, Hip Hop, Jungle, D'n'B, Breakcore


Symmetry Festival 2014

Click here to purchase tickets

Symmetry Festival 2014′s new home is a hidden paradise in the heart of rural North Norfolk called Sennowe Park.

The venue has seen concerts by artists such as The Pretenders, Jools Holland and The Rat Pack. The park slopes steadily down towards the lake making it easy for all visitors to see the performers and enjoy the scene to the full.

Great road access make it easy for large numbers of cars to get into and out of the site safely and quickly. Furthermore, its position central to North Norfolk, and only 20 miles from Norwich with its international airport and railway station means that it is convenient to visitors from far and wide.


Saffire Live

Mini Saffire’s travelling stage will be transformed this year as she returns home to create a sweet soundtrack for easy listening ears. With Folk, Ska, Punk, Gypsy, Reggae and all things acoustic we bring you the finest in unsigned and local artists this year.

Bad Manners - Babyhead - Inner Terrestrials - The Sweetbeats - The Piratones - Feral Mouth - The Future of Music - Shanty - Cable Street Collective - Disgraceful Squids - 94 Robbers - Popes of Chilltown - Redeye Jedi Plus Many More

Clockwork was launched in the summer of 2013 at Symmetry Festival. The open air venue is situated beneath a unique structure that towers 9 metres above the crowd. The Clockwork team have been hard at work planning for this years install – expect fire, Pyrotechnics, CO2, LED screens and spectacular lighting shows. We hope to see you at Symmetry Festival 2014!

Friction - Ratpack - Freefall Collective - Chopstick Dubplate (Jackymurda & Aries feat Mr. Williamz) - Mob Tactics - Chris Liberator - Nicky Blackmarket

The PowerStation
There’s a pulse in the air at symmetry, an urgent throbbing in the ground. It’s emanating from what locals are referring to as ‘The Power Station’. A towering hulk of booming, mobile industry which appeared overnight. No-one’s quite sure what it does or produces, where it came from or how it got here, but whatever it is they are doing in there, they’re going at it hard and it’s very, very loud. We sent an intrepid reporter into the very heart of this ‘Power Station’ to find out more about it. It would appear that the masterminds behind this monstrosity are a mysterious collective known as the Toxic Crew who have installed a monolithic wall of FUNKTION ONE capable of creating an imposing wall of precision audio with the names BBL and IRRITANT carved in the side of it, as well as a lighting and visual show of truly epic proportions which they are using to lure unsuspecting party people into their clutches, like some kind of industrial Pied Piper. They are employing highly skilled DJs and producers playing D&B, Jungle, RaggaTek, BassLine and Garage to captivate innocent passers by into this wanton nuclear power plant of hedonism and hard dance so that they can power their nefarious machinations.

Project Storm More info coming soon...

The 12v Yard
The graffiti crew behind The Yard will be setting up camp at Symmetry Festival 2014, get ready to step into a back yard with style! Down @ the Yard expect 3 walls of crazy art, chopped in half cars, trains driving through walls, 12v sound system powered by solar panels with open mic and decks in the evening.
Most of the Graph work will be taking place live over the Friday and Saturday of Symmetry Festival so please feel free to check it out. More info coming soon.

The Red Hand Tipi Clan
Symmetry Festival are proud to announce that the Red hand tipi clan will be creating a chill out area with open mics and good vibes. Please check back for more info as the venue evolves.

Sika Studios
Symmetry Festival are proud to announce that SIKA Studios are on board and running a late night hiphop venue in the woods. More info will be available very soon on whats going down in the SIKA Studios. The SIKA studios collective focus on supporting, connecting and promoting underground arts. We are ever expanding and developing new methods of getting products from underground out there as we feel there is too much talent going to waste… All clothing purchases help to fund the SIKA movement!
Saturday 14 June 2014
The Magick Brothers + Guests at Inspiral

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street Camden Town, London NW1 8QS
Hours:9:30 pm - 1.30 am
Entrance:£12 Limited
Tickets:?10.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Please read Text


Daevid Allen + The Magick Brothers + Steve Hillage, Mixmaster Morris

THE MAGICK BROTHERS are a trio of Electro/acoustic psychedelic troubadours , named after Daevid Allen’s first album with Gong ‘Magick Brothers’[1969] The band first toured in the early 1990′s when they produced their cd ‘Live at The Wychwood’ on Voiceprint. The trio serve to present a side of the multi-musical persona-d Daevid Allen which is more acoustically and spiritually based, with themes of renewal and self initiation to the fore

DAEVID ALLEN - Acoustic/Glissando Guitar and vocals
MARK ROBSON– Keyboards/Didg/Whistle/Vocals

Special Guests:-

Steve Hillage – DJ set // Original Gong guitarist, co-founder of System 7 / Mirror System (along with Miquette Giraudy), world class producer, inSpiral artist in residence and all-round legend.

Mixmaster Morris // Ambient music would never be where it is without Morris, whose tasteful selections, production and mixing skills have kept him on top of the ambient league for the past 30 years.

Psychoactive bespoke decor by Liquid Elf- the little green planet – used at the Gong Unconvention, Melkweg Amsterdam 2006
Wednesday 18 June 2014
Tree of Life 2014

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Izmir, Turkey
Hours:18th-25th June 2014
Entrance:130 Euros
Tickets:?94.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:+90 (0) 537-037-2205
Email:Contact Form

Music: Live music sessions on sunset , healing area,Morning Yoga on lake stage,workshops, international food and clothing markets,Stage Artists, Fire Shows,Cinema, kabalic awareness lessons about the tree of life vision, and more!!!


Welcome to Tree of Life

18th-25th of June 2014 at Izmir, Turkey

Combind Tickets for Tree of Life festival and for September Ritual now online

Click here to purchase Combined Ticket

7 Days of Pure Magic over the Summer Solstice

Join us for the third edition of the Tree of Life Festival during the summer solstice of 2014!again we will bring you the best music, decoration and visuals in order to create the perfect transformation into Peace, Unity and Global Respect. For this special edition we plan 7 days in order to Celebrate Life on earth-5 on main stage and pre&after party on lake stage!2 stages, gem sessions on sunset , healing area, morning yoga on lake stage, workshops, international food and clothing markets, Stage Artists, fire shows, cinema, kabalic awareness lessons about the tree of life vision, health and more!!! Full line up and all other goodies to be announced shortly!

More info to follow. Keep checking for updates on festival website.
Friday 27 June 2014
Astral Circus

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, SW9
Hours:10pm - 6am
Entrance:More at the door
Tickets:?14.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance - Psy Trance


Astral Circus

After 2 years of sell out parties the Astral Circus crew returns with another night full of psychedelic magic and creative energy.

Astral Circus is a realm of self-expression and mutual insight. We endeavour to cultivate an interactive experience that stimulates beyond the senses, and unlocks the innate creativity possessed by each and every one of us.

Lets animate our vision - together!

We are very excited to bring to you the next edition of Astral Circus, celebrating our 2nd Birthday.

Room 1 - Full on psychedelic trance

Sonic Species LIVE (Alchemy Recs)

Mechanimal Live London Album Launch Party (Mutagen Recs)

Hypnocoustics Live (Liquid Recs)

Nick Sentience (Sentience Productions)

Sati (Profound Recs)

Nikki S (Inspired Spirit Music /Astral Circus)

Andy Force (Mutagen Recs/Astral Circus)

Visuals by VJ Baby K (Alternate Reality) and Nikki S

Room 2 - Psygressive - Psybreaks - Techno - Glitch

Pspiralife Live - UK Debut (Zenon Recs)

Nanoplex Live (Flow/Iboga Recs)

Ben Coda (Tribal Vision Recs)

Ipcress (Liquid Recs)

Bedouin (Further Progressions)

Mudstompin Munkee

Andy Force (Mutagen Recs/Astral Circus)

FlibbertiGibbet (Astral Circus)

UV backdrops & old school analogue projections by Cognitive Dissidents - Intelligent LED lighting by Geo-Matrix Designs - Stretch lycra installations by Kailash Productions - UV decor & projections by Cognitive Dissidents

TransportUnderground: Brixton (Victoria Line)Rail: Brixton mainline station
Monday 7 July 2014
Universal Groovy - Old Skool Epic Frequencies London Secret Location
Hours:10 till very late
Email:Contact Form

Music: psychedelic music history lesson


Universal Groovy - Old Skool Epic Frequencies

We would very much like to thank all who came to our first event and everyone that worked so hard to make it happen. Thank you for supporting us and believing in our truly positive intentions.

The response has been amazing and we feel that the future of the Ultimate Groovy School will be a huge success.

Join us on the dance-floor for a shamanic 48-hour psychedelic music history lesson, taking you on a journey in audio-frequencies pumped through a Riga-muffin sound system by some of the most thoughtfully chosen sound-selectors.

Come and connect your love vibrations with us - so that we can help heal the world through the ancient art of music and dance.

***Line Up***

Drumatik - Live - (Switzerland)
Merkut - Live - (France)
Harmonic Rebel - Live - (Spain)
Re - Horakhty - Live (Lithuanian)
Dodgy Dragon - Live - (S Africa)
Valentino Vertex (Greece)
Glen Logic (UK)
Liquid Ross (UK)
Lorenzo Groovy (UK)
Kutanimal - Dark Groovy (PT)
Full Lotus (UK)
Logic Frequencies (PT)
Hawaiik (UK)
Digital Stone (UK)
Novovratic (France)
Sachin (UK)
Nahoj (South Africa)
Nogoa (Poland)
Arbok (ITALY)
Massimiliano Neurofobic (ITALY)
Psy Pirate (UK)
Melodic Noise (BR)
Mother Ship Connection (BR)

Monday 14 July 2014
Mo: Momento Demento 2014

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Robinson Camp, Croatia
Hours:14th to 21st of July 2014
Tickets:?93.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Trance


Mo:dem Festival - Momento Demento - July 14th to 21st, Robinson Camp, Croatia

4th phaseTickets on sale now !

Welcome to the new MO:DEM 2014 website!

Back to blast – MO:DEM is moving forwards into 2014 with it’s third edition – this time taking an extra-conscious approach with a theme dedicated to ECOLOGY.

The response received by the previous edition has singled MO:DEM out for having one of the most exceptional line-ups on the festival circuit. So we fly with the same strategy in 2014 by delivering a finely-researched music program designed to communicate sounds that are: fresh, high-grade, organic and underground.

We’ll also be returning to the same natural paradise as the previous edition with the Chill Out area down by the river and the Main floor at the upper level – this time with the addition of a shuttle bus to ferry you between the two music stages. Workshops, lectures and cinema screenings take place at the site of the former ‘Healing Area’ – which will now occupy the area surrounding the Gallery space downstairs.

Of course there will be an inspiring flea market with unique artefacts and goods from traveling traders and artesans situated right near the Chill Out, and a variety of fresh, alternative, cultural foods from both Croatia and around the world.

Last but not least: we are particularly grateful for the unique location of the festival. It is profound on several levels: historical, environmental, holistic, aesthetic and structural. So we have committed ourselves to communicating the critical message of its preservation by dedicating the festival to the theme of Ecology. From the infrastructure to the creative vision – our approach is to take things one step at a time – beginning with permanent structures and a refined strategy for collecting and recycling rubbish and materials.

Applications for volunteers, artists, performers and contributors for the different stages are now open. Information to be found on the website under the section: Work With Us.

So we look forwards to welcoming you all to this very special edition of the MO:DEM Festival! Stay updated with developments by connecting to the FB page and by subcribing to the MO:DEM newsletter. Let’s blast!

Thursday 17 July 2014
Ayata Festival

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Gökçeova Lake-Sandras, Turkey
Hours:17th - 21st July 2014
Entrance:100 Euros
Tickets:?56.75 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance / Psychedelic Trance


Ayata Festival 2014

Join us for a magnificent celebration in the heights of the Sandras Mountain in the Central Anatolian region of Mugla for the Ayata Festival!

Dedicated to the theme of Anatolian Shamanism, the festival takes place from 17 until 21 July 2014.

Ayata festival pays homage to the Sun God, Ay Ata – the beloved of the Sun Goddess, Gun Ana – and has been Inspired by the intense beauty and spirit of this sacred, natural location.

So as Turkish mythology meets an electronic underground of visionary music, we pay our respects to the spirit of the ancient civilizations of Central Anatolia... Explored by archeologists, historians and anthropologists, it is a place where shamanism and Tangrism is a practice that is continued even today.

The festival unites local music, art, performance and culture with the pulse of the psychedelic music scene. And as we welcome a global roster of producers, DJs and visual artists - we celebrate our shamanic roots, which have grown and evolved from Middle Asia to Anatolia.

We will meet at the highest peak of southern Turke, in the region of Muğla - where ancient civilizations walked with the spirit of the Moon God and the Sun Goddess. At 2,294 metres above sea level, we will celebrate in the heights of the Sandras Mountain, in the heart of the village of Agla – named after the fresh spring water that flows through its contours. With its fairytale trees, wild flowers and emerald waters of the Gokceova Lake – this is a sacred paradise revealing the mysical side of Mother Nature.

So welcome home dear friends! And join us for this natural symphony... Be enlightened by the energy of this fascinating landscape; invoke higher realms of consciousness and feel inspired by the history, knowledge and culture held by this sacred land where Ayata takes place. Let's celebrate our time together!

Live Sets
Akes -PT- (Noise Poison Records)- Alienapia -UA- (Space Baby Records) - Ardacadabra -TR- (Ayata Festival-Kohlea Project) - Bitkit -BEL- (Dacru Records) - Blisargon Demogorgon -MK-(Bhooteshwara Records) - Caveman -IT- (Purple Hexagon Records) - Chris Rich -UK- (Boom Shanka Records) - Egorythmia -MK- (Iono Records) - Electric Universe -DE- (Dacru Records) - Elfo -IT- (PSR Music) - Ellis Thomas -UK- (Glitchy Tonic Records) - Fobi -MK- ( Green Wizards / Dimensional Records) - Fuzulu -IR- (Madjic Studio Productions) - Hallulaya -FR- (Melting Runes Record) - Ianuaria -AT-(Blue Hour Sounds) - Kasadelica -IL-(Uroboros Records) - Klangmassage -AT- (Soundlab Pirates) - Mad Maxx -USA- (United Beats Records) - Mayaxperience -AT- (Soundlab Pirates) - Meis -IT- (PSR Music) - Midi Junkies -TR- (Geomagnetic Records / Psytropic Records) - Mindsphere -TR- (Sun Trip Records) - Necmi -TR- (PSR Music) - Neuromotor -FR- (United Beats Records) - Nitro&Glycerine -DE- (PSR Music) - Parasect -IT- (Banyan Records) - Rinkadink -ZA- (MVX Records) - Shane Gobi -UK- (Alchemy Records) - Tookytooky -UA- (Another Dimension Music / Space Babyrecords)

Dj Sets
Bahar Canca -TR/UK - (Sub Bubble Recordings) - Bora -TR - Boom Shankar -DE- (BMSS Records) - Dodo3 -IT- (Quarion Tribe) - Drifter -TR- (Ayata Festival-Silvana Records) - Dsompa -DE- (Peak Records) - Ebru Al -TR/UK - Electic -TR-(Tree Of Life-Mmp) - Gepetto -TR- (Naboo Records) - Gypsydelics -TR- (Naboo Records) - Komarchiki -RU- (Quantum Tribe) - Psysari -TR- (Shamballa Fest) - Psy Tiger -TR- (Tree Of Life Festival-Mmp) - Raveheart -IT- (Evil Corps Record)- Tao -DE- (Ayata Festival) - Voodoo Mantra -TR- (Liquid Tunes Record) - Whackywhack -TR- (Ayata Festival-Littlebig Sensations Records)

Deco, Art N Visuals :Botn Deco+Vj Team-Pixel Parellax:Hakan Hisim Performances:Ateşbaz Fire Art
Sound System: Clear Sound
ravel:Via Plane:
Dalaman Airport—Köyceğiz—Gökçeova ( after Koyceğiz bus station via shuttle )
Via Bus:
Mugla—-Koycegiz—Gokceova (after Koyceğiz bus station via shuttle)
Via Your Own Car:
In the way of E90 (D400) highway soonafter Koycegiz, turn left the road which outgoing Yayla(Ağla) Village.After 8 km you will arrive Yayla(Ağla) Village and blacktop will be finished.,In this village follow the Sandras Mountain signboards and go towards the road you will arrive Gokceova Lake (1750m) Via Plane : to Dalaman Airport—Koycegiz (after Koyceğiz bus station via shuttle)
Tuesday 22 July 2014
S.U.N. Festival 2014

Online ticket order

Bercel, Csobankapuszta, Hungary
Hours:22th-27th July 2014
Entrance:€110.00 Euros
Tickets:?79.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Trance, Chill Out


S.U.N. Fstival 2014 @ Csobankapuszta, Hungary

Click here to purchase Regular presale tickets

The Sun is the source of life on Earth, the light that inseminated the fertile grounds of mother Earth. From the earliest times mankind celebrated the summer and winter Solstice, the day when Sun stops at the turning point of its orbit to start a new journey on our horizon. The main rituals of every ancient civilisation were held on these special dates from the Maya to the Druids. During the time of Solipse 99 a group of people started a new dream, a liveable way for mankind to carry on... this dream got stronger in the past years and a community was created with the same vision. So we decided to come together twice a year to celebrate, to connect each others inner Suns and our great cosmic father through love, music and dance. Lets create new expression forms of the psytrance culture - a natural wonderland where there is a big festival once a year and that is an artistic and social place throughout the year.

***Line Up***

Solar Circle :

Absolum (3D Vision Records) – FR :: Agent M vs. Sundi (SpiralExit) -HUN :: Alpha (Interzone.pa) - GER :: Atmos (Iboga Records/Atmotech) - SWE :: Avalon (Nano Records) - UK :: Banel aka Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga Records) - DK :: Boom Shankar (BMSS Records) - GER :: Bumbling Loons (Flying Rhino ) - UK :: Burn in Noise (Alchemy Records) - BR ::Captain Hook (Iboga Records) - ISR :: Christof dj set (3D Vision Records) – FR :: C.O.P. (Blue Room /M.A.S.H. Records) – GER/FR :: Cubixx (IONO Music) – GER :: Dickster (Nano Records) - UK :: E- Clip (IONO Music) - SRB :: Eat Static (Mesmobeat) - UK :: Emok (Iboga Records) - DK :: Etnica (Etnicanet) - IT :: Filteria (Filteria Music/Suntrip ) - SWE :: Gaudi (Gaudi music) - UK :: Gaudium (Iboga Records) - SWE :: Hallucinogen (Twisted Records) - UK :: Hux Flux (Planet B.E.N. Records) - SWE :: Kraak (SpiralExit) - HUN :: Liquid Soul (Iboga Records) - CH :: Logic Bomb Classic set (T.I.P. Records) - SWE :: Loopstep (IONO Music) - NL :: Lucas (T.I.P. Records ) - UK :: Merkaba (Zenon Records) - AUS :: Midimal (Iboga Records) - CH :: Mwnn (Dragonfly Records) - UK :: Oleg (S.U.N. Festival/Deepsmile) - HUN :: Omka (S.U.N. Festival/Moksha ) - ISR :: Optiloop (IONO Music) – GR/NL :: Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) - ISR :: Pleaidians (Etnicanet) - IT :: Prana dj set by Tsuyoshi (Matsuri ) - JP :: Regan (Nano Records) - RSA :: Ritmo (Iboga Records) - ISR :: Sensient (Zenon Records) - AUS :: Shakta (Dragonfly ) - UK :: Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) - UK :: Shayman (Nano Records) – ISR :: Shpongle dj set by Simon Posford (Twisted Records) – UK :: SideForm (Tesseract Studio) - SRB :: Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE :: Sonic Entity (IONO Music/YSE) - SRB :: Tetrameth (Weapon /Zenon Records) - AUS :: Vertical Mode (HOM Mega ) - ISR :: Vibrasphere sun set by Robert Elster (Tribal Vision) - SWE :: X-Dream Retro set by Jan Muller (Solstice Music International) :: Younger Brother (Twisted Records) – UK :: MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED !

Chill out Temple :

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) – FR :: Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR :: Buxi (Psybaba Records) –HUN :: BB303 (HumanTouch) - HUN :: Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ultimae Records) – SWE :: Cell (Ultimae Records) – FR :: Eat Static Chill out set (Mesmobeat) – UK :: Fishimself (IT the Place/Freeze Magazine) – GR :: Gaudi chill out set (Gaudi music) – UK :: Hallucinogen in Dub by Ott (Twisted Records) – UK :: James Monro chill techno set (Flying Rhino) – UK :: Kalya Scintilla (Zenon Records) - AUS :: Kaya Project dj set (Interchill Records) – UK :: Mahiane (Ultimae Records) – FR :: Ott (Ottsonic ) - UK :: Simon Baring (Neon Booking) - UK :: Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE :: Sync 24 (Ultimae Records) – SWE :: Vibrasphere chill out set by Robert Elster (Tribal Vision ) - SWE
Tuesday 29 July 2014
O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014

Online ticket order

Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary
Hours:29th July - 3rd Aug 2014
Tickets:?102.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance / Psychedelic Trance / Chill Out


O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014

Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

Phase 2 Tickets online

1999 , in the total solar eclipse is a hypnotic feasting greeted the Ozora next Dádpusztáról phenomenon can be seen in its full beauty admirers. Tens of thousands, from all over the world crowd took over the goa music throbbing and togetherness perfect mood cradle created the Ozora Festival .

5 years of waiting came after it, and because no one could forget the magical days and nights in 2004 were still Sonar Plexus same name but the birth of the extraordinary and inimitable style Ozora Festival .

The pulsating music, magic and brings people together, communion. In ancient times and modern music, embracing the Ozora . The music will be even psychedelic trance , goa or ambient name calling, it does not matter to Ozora accept everything and everyone.

The festival nights of fires shaman , amazing stage pictures , screenings will give you the dawn of goa music stars of world music of the perfect body. The musical diversity for the Ozora message of nature and love of one another. This is not spamming anyone, not trodden down bushes and no violence .

The Ozora the festival of peace and love , not to go wild come on people, but to dance and enjoy themselves. Food and drink is available of course, but no one cincálja into her purse for visitors in search of food or Nedü freebie. The community and the peacefulness of the valley Ozora , as the festival is a welcome table also writes a patch of ground Paradise.

For Location please follow this link
For Concept please follow this link
For Full Line-up please follow this link
Monday 4 August 2014
Boom Festival 2014

Online ticket order

Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal
Hours:4th-11th August 2014
Entrance:180 Euos
Tickets:?125.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
+351 277 201 052
Email:Contact Form



Boom Festival 2014 - 10th Edition

August 4th-11th 2014, Full Moon, Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal

Access All Areas are official UK ambassador for the Boom Festival 2014

Phase 3rd Phase Festival Tickets now online

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared, because Boom is proud to present you with a selection of the most outrageous, daring, talented, inspiring performing artists ever!!! Circus, theatre, jugglers, fire shows, amazing talents from all over the world, legendary companies or new creative enterprises, there is room for everyone! The keywords are shameless creativity, audacious innovation and a commitment to blow people’s minds! Street performers and stage performers offer their art and creative energy all over the Boom Land. They are triggering the inner (and outer) children into a rediscovery of awe, of laughter, of the wonders of the body as art, together with thought-provoking messages, which will remain imprinted for a looong time!

Boom is not only a festival, it is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love. It is the gathering of the global psychedelic tribe and of whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations!! Boom is a weeklong unpredictable and unforgettable adventure. It takes place, every two years, during August Full Moon, on the shores of a magnificent lake in the sunny Portuguese inland and every one is invited!


Dance Temple
The Boom started here: a dance floor full of travelers, psychonauts, visionaries, thousands of people dancing to the same rhythm for days and nights. Individualities are transcended, thousands of hearts beat at the same time… this is the place for magic to happen!

Alchemy Circle
This is one of Boom's many stages, as there are no "alternative" stages and all kinds of psychedelic music are celebrated as the "main" one!!

Chill Out Gardens
"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works or art" Claude Debussy

Scare Fire
Given the ever growing success of this area, in 2014 Sacred Fire covers a bigger area and expands its artistic program.

Liminal Village
This is Boom’s cultural space and wisdom lab, where radical ideas and latest scientific knowledge converge in an entertaining and educational program.

Healing Area
To enter the Healing Area is to return to the Great Mother's womb. A place of peace where ancient spiritual practices support our journey into self-remembrance.

Art Installations
Art has the power to inspire and unlock our reserve of creativity and vital energy. Art is the very reason for Boom to exist!

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared, because Boom is proud to present you with a selection of the most outrageous, daring, talented, inspiring performing artists ever!!!

Central Plaza
The Boom has a living room! It is the Central Plaza, where the restaurants area is completed with an interactive stage with open sessions, performances and... why not? Classical Music!!!

Psychedelic Art Museum
Be prepared! This temporary museum is in full bloom within the Boom, excitingly evolving into full maturity, along with the Art that it presents.

Utopia Boom Landing
The Utopia After Boom is over. Long Live the Utopia Boom Landing! Join us in manifesting a new approach to fully integrate the Boom experience, from 11th to the 14th August 2014.

For full line up of all the stages click here
Wednesday 13 August 2014
Land Festival 2014

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Essaouira, Morocco
Hours:13th - 17th August 2014
Entrance:Phase 1 Advanced tickets For now until 31st March
Tickets:?44.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Progressive - Full On - Night - Forest - Psydark - Hi Tech


Land Festival 2014

Dear friends and Electronic Music lovers,

ETC crew in partnership with Roots production and Illuminaughty crew, are happy to announce the first edition of « LAND Festival » 2014.

After our first experience in the Moroccan Sahara : Zagoa festival 1st edition, rewarding but exhausting, we decided to swap the unbearable desert heat for the sweet Atlantic Coast.

The festival will be held from 13 to 17 August 2014, and invites you for 5 days and 4 nights in an amazing beach in the area round of the city of Essaouira. We will bring together some fifty artists around an original programming at the borderline of visual arts, multimedia, design and of course psychedelic music.

Also our friends from the illumiNaughty Crew, will be taking over on sunday 17th to give us a full on day illuminaughty style :)

V’jing : Vegeta - Sound System : Noise Control Audio - Lightshow Every Night - Performers : Nowhere Circus
Bivouacs – Camping Area – Caravans Parking – Village Market – Traditional Shops – Surf Shop – Surf School – Beach Volley- First Aid – Life Guards - Free Car Parking…

The location is a real heaven of peace and tranquillity, where you can meet some local fishermen. You will discover a quivering panorama with magnificent sunsets, your feet buried in some soft, warm sand. If you enjoy surfing, the beach is also an amazing surfing spot offering some of the most beautiful waves in the area. All surfing equipments will be available for hire on the spot, with lessons also offer to beginners.

Artists, Dj’s, jugglers, painters, performers as well as the organizers will do everything to supply a quality event where creativity and professionalism are essential values.

Full Line up Here
Thursday 28 August 2014
Sonica Dance Festival 2014

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy
Hours:28th - 31st August 2014
Entrance:Advanced tickets
Tickets:?42.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Welcome to Sonica Dance Festival : The Duke's Forest

Tickets online...

We're about to re-enter the magical Duke's Forest for Act II of Sonica Festival.

So a big warm welcome to all our dear friends from around the world as we look forwards to hosting you once again at this beautiful enchanted location!

Thanks to all the support we've received so far, we are able to present you with this new edition, which brings an awesome combination of producers and DJs from around the world; a healing area with workshops and therapies and of course interactive zones such as cafes, restaurants and markets.

We're currently focusing on several important improvements in order to upgrade the setup of our magic venue. That include a water system for the two main areas Solaris and Gaia stage + food & stalls arena; the camping area will be now situated between the two stages; artist camp and production office will be moved within the venue; new organization for parking and shuttles to/from the venue and so on... No doubt this will bring us all much closer together, creating a comfortable ambience and a cosier vibration.


Solaris Stage:

Tristan - Xp Voodoo – Earthling - Lucas Tip – Psymmetrix - Yab Yum (Ajja + Gaspard) - Beardy Weardy – Gaspard – Dust – Stu - Nigel (Shiva Valley) – Trold – Fog – Gino – Pantomiman – Asimilon – Eunoia - Justin Chaos – Shotu - Dirty Saffi – Nika – Hypereggs – Hatta – Nukleall - Mr Haffman – Caveman – Inlakech – Zhanett - Instinct Wave – Holon – Nirmal – Celli - Groove Addict – Ilai – Sashi – Polarshift – Soundragon - Tom Synt3x – Bentley - Module Virus – Earthspace – Dodo3 – Solidstate – Masterkaos - Robert Leoni

Gaia Stage:

Eat Static - Mirror System - Man Made Man – Transalento – Alwoods – Sigil - Sergio Walgood – Angular – Momentum - Zen Baboon – Calemma – Aliji – Josko – Tale – Nova - Antonio Testa - Greg Hunter - Jon Sangita - Darren Sangita – Naan – Dubuddha – Gaiatech – Marek - Dj Foose – Marilli - Italo Todde - Frankie Watch – Bakshish - Bahar Canca - Robin Triskele – Emiliano – Gaxs - Interstellar Overdrive - Bill Robin - Simon Baring

Closest international airport is Naples, far away only 50km from Sonica venue (less than 1h driving)
Sonica will provide shuttles from the airport on days 26th and 27th Aug, and to the airport on days 1st and 2nd Sept
Saturday 6 September 2014
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure... Crucifix Lane, 7-9 Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW, London Bridge, London - UK
Hours:10pm - 6am
Entrance:More at Door
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form
Music: Psychedelic, Full On, Trance, Progressive, Down Tempo, Dub, Breaks, Balkan, Chill Out..


Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure...

Good parties are always build-it-and-they-will-come affairs. If promoters take the time to understand what it is they are trying to achieve and develop a theme, find the appropriate venue, work with lighting and decoration crews that buy-in to the project and craft a DJ line-up to enhance these elements then invariably an event occurs where the vibe and atmosphere truly reflects the hard work and dedication of all those all involved. This is the approach that the Tribal Village crew have taken, many of them “veterans” of the psy-trance party circuit understanding the fundamentals of what makes a night one where you go home already thinking about the next one

Details to follow .....................

600 people capacity...friendly security...smoking area...
Thursday 18 September 2014
September Ritual Festival

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Kastro Beach - Turkey
Hours:18h -23 rdSeptember 2014
Entrance:105 Euros
Tickets:?66.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance / Psychedelic Trance


Tree of Life Festival & Mind Manifest Project are very proud to present: September Ritual Festival!

5 days of pure sunshine in an amazing beach resort located on the Turkish Black Sea surrounded by a lush forest and lake... Full camping facilities, two stages and only 160km from Istanbul (no connection flights)
Makes it the perfect festival to end the summer session..

Let the Ritual Begin…

From now on Every year Turkey is THE ONLY PLACE to close the summer.

Two stages with high quality sound systems powered by the amazing Clear Sound in one of the most beautiful locations in Turkey…160km from Istanbul Ataturk Airport !

Event page, artist line up, pre-sale and details are all coming your way soon…

Artists confirmed so far:

►Cosmo►Talpa ►The Riddler ►Saga ►Entropy ►Elegy ►Zych ►Yar zaa U-Recken ►Lupin ►Trold ►Will o wisp ►Imx mind ►Hux Flux ►Dust ►Foam►Koi Boi ►►Freak Control►►Bigbenz►

Friday 19 September 2014
Psy-Boutique Festival

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Turkey
Hours:19th - 22nd September 2014
Entrance:Advanced tickets only
Tickets:?110.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Psy-Boutique Festival

Click here to purchase your tickets.

Our small and intimate biennial festival is held in sunny Turkey towards the end of the European summer. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in nature, with like-minded people from all over the world, but also to have an outstanding party for three days. Our first two festivals were held at Sundance Camp on the coast, south of Antalya, in 2010 and 2012. We are excited to reveal our new festival venue, Butterfly Valley, and hope you will join us in making Psy Boutique 2014 a magical and memorable occasion.

Psy-Boutique (formerly Sundance Boutique) Festival was founded in 2010 by Bahar Canca and Judit Langer. It began as a friendly gathering at a favourite location. With only a few hundred people, we were all just friends and friends of friends but what a special festival it was.

The decision was made to run the festival once every two years, improving it whilst keeping it small and intimate. In 2012, we had a bigger and better sound system, A-list DJs such as Shane Gobi and Aphid Moon, and made a whole bunch of new friends.

For our third festival in 2014, we have changed our name to Psy-Boutique, found a new venue and developed a fresh vision. We’d like you to be able to arrive with just your backpack and we’ll provide the rest - accommodation with beds, clean toilets and showers. We view the DJs as part of our community and we invite them to stay for the entire festival and enjoy the lovely Turkish coastline with us.

The music will run for 72 hours and we have a variety of genres on offer. Predominantly psy-trance, there will also be techno, minimal, tech house and other kinds of underground dance music. In addition we have a family of musicians playing a live set, and live instrumentals accompanying DJs.

So, there is a lot to look forward to but we still have a few surprises up our sleeves

Shane Gobi (S.A/ U.K)
System 7 ---live (U.K)
Dickster A.K.A Dick Trevor (U.K)
Journey A.K.A J Om(Italy)
Liquid Ross (U.K)
Gino Sonica (ITALY)
Nick Sentience (U.K)
Matt Williams (U.K)
Calemma (ITALY/U.K)
Renegate Dj (S.A/ U.K)
Aslan Dj (TURKEY)
Nikki S (U.K)
Bahar Canca (U.K/TR)
Ebru Al (U.K/TR)
Nick Oxley (U.K)
Mark L’hat (U.K)
Simon Mercer (U.K)
Imry (ITALY)
Kai (S.A)
Robin Triskele (U.K)
Jamez23 (U.K)
Saturday 20 September 2014
Trancendance presents: Earthdance London

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Electric Brixton
Town Hall Parade, Brixton, London, SW2 1RJ
Hours:10pm -6am
Entrance:Advance Tickets for now
Tickets:?17.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Read Text below


Trancendance presents: Earthdance London with GMS & 1200 MICS

Earthdance is a conscious gathering of the tribes event, bringing
together the Global Family to unify our collective intentions for peace.

Come and give peace a dance! ♥


Gms (Dj Set)
1200 Mics (Dj Set)
Dj Kristian

Dave Om


Earthdance is a world of communities, working and playing together to create a culture of peace, through music and dance events, synchronized global link-ups, and social activism. More than just an epic party,
Earthdance is a flash forward to an alt peaceful future.

The history of Earthdance lives through the people who were there……the smiling faces and hugs in photos, the bouncing and swirling dancers in videos, the ever spinning DJs, the multitude of artists and performers,
the families who put the whole thing together, year after year, and our charities, keeping it all real. Earthdance has been a journey of celebration, service, beauty, struggle, ecstasy, and love, beyond words.

The Earthdance story begins in 1996, when London-based musician and event producer Chris Deckker (Medicine Drum, Return To The Source) had a vision – in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt – of a synchronized, multi-location psytrance dance party. October 4th, 1997 – The first Earthdance Planetary Dance Party for Peace materialized - with 22 locations in 18 countries, in support of Tibet. In 1999, Earthdance moved its base to San Francisco, aligned its mission with the annual United Nations Peace Day, and began partnering with other international peace events, organizations, and companies. In 2001, the Earthdance non-profit organization was founded to coordinate the annual charity festival. And in 2003, the Earthdance company was formed to develop year-round Earthdance projects, and provide support for the non-profit org and festival.

From its psy rave roots, Earthdance has grown to become one of the largest globally synchronized music and dance events, having been held in over 600 locations in 80 countries. In 2012, the 16th annual Earthdance festival included 63 public events in 24 countries, and countless private events, with high social media activity. The beat goes on…

Expect a stunning and magical space for our Earthdance London gathering. With our unique Trancendance cosmic ascension themed decor, lights and awakening visuals. :)

All in a space set up with conscious intention, love and crystals! ;) ♥
Friday 17 October 2014
Juno Reactor in Concert

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Electric Brixton
Town Hall Parade
Brixton, London, SW2 1RJ
Hours:To be advised
Entrance:Early birds for now
Tickets:?12.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
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Juno Reactor - LIVE in Concert

Limited Early Birds Tickets online.

Juno Reactor is a musical and performing group known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and orchestral symphonic approach

More info to follow .....................