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Friday 24 November 2017
Astral Circus

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ London, UK
10pm – 6am
Hours:10pm – 6am
Entrance:Much more at Door
Tickets:£17.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: PsychedelicTrance


Astral Circus
JOURNEY aka Jay OM LIMITLESS London album launch party

YES!!!!.... Astral Circus is back!!

After a long voyage light-years through multiple universes Astral Circus has once again landed, ripping through the space-time fabric and beaming psychedelic frequencies directly into the consciousness of our colourful and crazy community. Be prepared for an incredible, full immersion experience that joins us together in hearts, minds and spirits. We have returned!

Over the past year the Astral Circus team have been busy collaborating with other promotions to bring you some of the best psychedelic trance parties in London (including Psymera, Tribal Village, Troxy Events, Shattered Barriers & much more).

But now the team is back together to bring you a night of psychedelic delights as Astral Circus is their passion, their love, their way of expressing creativity, and supporting the creativity of other artists. Through the expression of sound, light and colour we create a circus of astral proportions for you to explore your own creativity, fun and adventure.!!


▷ Space Tribe (TIP Records)

▷ Journey aka Jay OM (Free-Spirit Records)
★★ Worldwide ‘Limitless’ album launch party ★★

▷ Nikki S (Alchemy Records/Astral Circus/Psymera)

▷ Bahar Canca (Psy-Boutique)

▷ Cathar (Iono Records)

▷ Octave Shifter (Biopulse Records)

▷ Andy Force (Astral Circus)

▷ Psyana (Boundless Records)

★★★ White Room – Psychedelic Alternative ★★★

▷ Ben Coda (Lowering the Tone/Iboga Records)

▷ Halfred (Merkaba Music/Shanti Planti)

▷ Баxтак (Outtallectuals/Ethnofusion)

▷ Aztekh (Bom Shanka Music)

▷ Amaluna aka Mudstompin Munkee b2b Flibbertigibbet

★★★ Decor ★ Visuals ★ Production ★ Chill Out Courtyard ★★★
★★ Live visual art projection mapping by vj baby k ★★

★★ DECOR by GeoMatrix Design, Cognitive Dissidents & inOrbit ★★

As with all previous Astral Circus events, it will be a fusion of energies to create a carnival of our collective consciousness. Expect nothing but quality sound, prismatic visual production and of course... our special psychedelic family!
Saturday 25 November 2017
TRANCElucid Club 414 - 414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9, 8LF. London, UK
Hours:11pm - 7am
Entrance:£5 b4 Midnight / £10 After. Please Bring Photo ID / No ID No ENTRY
Email:Contact Form

Music: Progressive / Trance / Psy Trance



After our great day party, our event for October, which had some amazing music from the start and sub genres within the Trance spectrum, from Progressive Trance, Progressive Psy, Trance and Full On Psy we seriously can't wait for this party

** PHOTO ID is required to gain entry! **

🎧 Neill Moore

🎧 Psyrenzo

🎧 Khalil Blili

🎧 Chris Dell

ROOM 2: Chill Out Lounge/cafe

A beautiful place to sit down and chill & chat with your friends

Open Roof terrace for those who wish to smoke

Please note that excessive noise will be not tolerated outdoors. Please respect the neighbourhood, Thank you for your co-operation :)

* High Quality Deco * Face Painting * Lights and Lazer Show * Friendly Security * Over 18 Only

HOW TO GET THERE :: Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) 1 minute walk
Rail = Brixton (Mainline station) 2 minutes walk

Directions: Come out of Brixton tube station and turn left. Walk 100 yards till you see KFC on your left. Turn left and walk 100 yards. You have reached your destination on the left.
Sunday 26 November 2017
Caustic III

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
German Deli
Unit 1 Hamlet Industrial Estate
96 White Post Lane
Hackney Wick
12pm(Noon) - 1am
London E9 5EN
Hours:29th Oct - 12pm(Noon) - 1am 30th Oct
Entrance: £7 before 4pm / £10 after
Tickets:£6.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Techno


Caustic III in association with Roots Productions & Pointzero Records

After another success of our Second event, we are back again with a fully pumped up line-up that will end your weekend in style

DAVE the Drummer

Chris Liberator

Aaron Liberator

Chicago Loop

Rachel Rackitt

Dj Birinight

Groove System

Luca Pointzero

Jack In Out
+ Many More
Friday 1 December 2017
Psychedelic Sparkle PARTY Launch (fundraiser)

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
The View Bar & Restaurant Western Esplanade, Kingsway, BN3 4FA Hove
Hours:10pm - 3am
Entrance:Advance Ticket Holders
Tickets:£16.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form



Psychedelic Sparkle PARTY Launch (fundraiser)

Helloha Tribes far and wiiiiiDe

Yes, The Sparkle party productions team have reunited & are very excited to launch the Offical indoor Sparkle Party in Brighton this December 1st which will be the first of many to come ... including NYE ;)

This will be the first of many to come in 2018 so this is a fundraiser to launch a new Night in Brighton. We have an array of headlining world artists This time we are delighted to have special guests:

AVALON - Nano Records - MAGIK - Nano Records - TASHA FOX - Sparkle party

This is a new movement & inspiration has led us to create New Decor for the sparkle Party team

Aaron Holmes - Niquid Nik

We have a trusted quality rocking Sound by: OPUS ( All sound Audio )

We would LOVE if you would join us for a Dancy dance this coming December.

Please join us for a very colourful and fun dancefloor.. yes.. bring your rrrrruber boots and party pants for a Full power psychedelic dance up to kick start December season Off!

Thank you for your support and we can't wait to blow the roof off with you ♥ Heres to getting a new night off the ground in Brighton! x

With only 150 capacity, tickets will get snapped up so grab your tickets here
Saturday 2 December 2017
The Peaking Duck Collective

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

39 Autumn St
Hackney Wick
London E3 2TT
Hours:10pm - 8am
Tickets:£13.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: PsychedelicTrance


The Peaking Duck Collective

The Peaking Duck Collective (a group of friends teaming up to deliver a quality psychedelic experience)

Kindzadza (Osom Music)

Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records)

Ataro Live (Freak Records/Damaru Records)


Mark Day Live (Blue Hour Sounds / Vargmal Records)

Noein Live (Darknox Records/Catar Records)

Full Lotus DJ (Vargmal Records)

Serena DJ (Urban Antidote Records)
Saturday 9 December 2017
IllumiNaughty presents: The Voyager

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Trinity Centre
Trinity Road
Bristol BS2 0NW
10pm - 6am
Hours:10pm - 6am
Entrance:To be advised
Tickets:£14.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form



IllumiNaughty presents: The Voyager comes to Bristol

The Goblin - for so it will be convenient to speak of them - stood motionless at his next destination. His large deep dark eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually deep green face was flushed but animated:

“Where am I?“ "Bristol," said the voice in his head.

"I’ve never been here before … or have I?"

The Voyager has arrived.

After an incredible 2017 with massive goings-on in London, Manchester, Ibiza and various UK Festivals, the UK’s premiere psychedelic events team arrives in Bristol - the Trinity Centre .

On the main psychedelic trance stage we will have sonic delights from:

Space Tribe
Mad Maxx
Mad Tribe
The Goblin

With many more soon to be announced...
Friday 15 December 2017
Hub Sounds & Stinky PinK XmaS PartY Boombox Lab
South Access Road, E178AX London, United Kingdom
Hours:Dec 15 at 10 PM to Dec 16 at 9 AM
Infolines:AAA 02072678320

Music: Techno -Jungle -Rave music


HuB & StinkY PinK MegA XmaS PartY++++++++++++++

Room 1

Billy Bo


Dave Hub

Kenny Mulligan (acid army)

James Kinetek


Zebedee (trancentral , restless natives )

Bad Boy Pete

Method 1 (techno fm)

Anita (techno fm )

Tim Hub

Room 2

Mike Lewis

Ricky Spires

Delsa (nsb radio, total niceness)


Uncle Dugs

Gand (Kool fm )



Dave Rave (liberation sounds)
Wednesday 27 December 2017
Universo Paralello NYE Festival (Brazil)

Online ticket order

Praia de Pratigi- BA
Itubera, Brazil
Hours:27th December 2017 - 3rd January 2018
Entrance:Advance Ticket (Limited)
Tickets:£181.60 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Universal


Universo Paralello

We wish you all a great end of year full of good health, love, happiness and psychedelic!!! UP Crew!

Enlightened masters have taught us that “life has seven-year cycles; it moves in seven-year orbits just as the Earth completes a spin around its axis in twenty-four hours. Nobody know why it doesn’t take twenty-five or twenty-three hours. There is no way to answer that … it is simply a fact.”

Universo Paralello ushers in its third cycle … The epic 13th edition was indeed the closing of a cycle. A unique event, with an unprecedented casting of artists … The history of Trance flashing before our very eyes. Reaching the 13th edition was the goal of a lifetime in itself.
Mission accomplished.

And now we have reached Universo Paralello 14. It is a new beginning, a novel journey but with the added experience of 13 editions held in 17 years of work. This story (and history) has been crafted by thousands of hands.

We summon our friends for yet another journey. Throughout the year we will be releasing the names of the artists that will be performing in the many stages of the event. We will also inform you of all the parallel cultural, environmental, travelling activities as well as travelling tips, info on infrastructure, tickets and everything else to help you get to the Festival and enjoy it to the full.

Stay tuned to the Festival’s website and related pages on Social Media.

GPS Location
Beach Pratigi Area Rural Itubera
Municipality of Itubera – BA
CEP: 45435-000
Latitude: -13.71396
Longitude: -38.993011
BR Next: BA001 / BA650 & BR101
Distance from the center of Ituberá, 28 km.
Saturday 13 January 2018
Tribal Village

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
The Steelyard 13-16 Allhallows Lane EC4R 3UL
London, UK
Last entry at 3am
Entrance:More on the Door (Early Birds for now)
Tickets:£14.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form
Music: Psychedelic Full On Trance Progressive Down Tempo Dub Breaks Chill Out Good Vibes... Tribal Music...!


Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure...

Tribal Village is the playground of the wanderers, the explorers, the mystics and the magicians. It is where our subconscious guides us in search of a story, where we find new beginnings, or where journeys complete their circle...
Take the road through Tribal Village A hiatus from your long adventure is due; we have enchantment to share and tales to tell, wonder to bestow and people to meet.

Details to follow ...

An amazing mezzanine Chill Out area with Chai Bar by Soma PsyLounge - Mind blowing Deco by Flowers of Life (Finland) , Dream Catchers UV Décor (UK) & Cognitive Dissedents (UK) -Laser Show by Subsonic Systems (UK) -Clear Sound -Stalls by Lilly Mooncat, Mindful Art Treasures, The Philosopher's Stones, Cesil Clothing & more... Face & Body Painting by Eva Szolga - Healing Area with: Inversion Therapy and Osteopathy by Alex Hickman -Acrobatic Aerials by Tyrone Herlihy - Video documentary by Luis Solarat - Photography by Kate Petran (KP) & Freezing Venom - Jugglers -Magicians - Palm Reading by Aliwyn - Romany Palmist
Saturday 20 January 2018
Whirl-y-Gig Winter Warmer

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
BLOC, 39 Autumn Street, Hackney Wick, London E3 2TT
Hours:10:00 pm - 6:00 am
Tickets:£14.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:Super Early Bird online AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Music and people of all ages and all places


Whirl-y-Gig Winter Warmer @ New Venue

We celebrate the new year at our new venue with a house warming set from ORANGE ADE. First rising to fame with a remix of Deep Forest’s “Forest Hymn” which featured on our Global Disco CD compilation, Orange Ade has since produced a vast collection of party hits, primarily rooted in drum n bass but embracing dub, breaks, house and always exploring new horizons.

“Autumn Street Studios is a warehouse space in Hackney Wick, very close to Pudding Mill Lane tube station. Recently refurbished and provided with L-Acoustics audio systems, this space is now home of Bloc warehouse events: here’s where you can rave until the early hours, enjoying underground electronic, house, garage and disco with a top quality sound system. One of the bigger clubs in Hackney, you’ll find ravers and electronic lovers alike flocking to Autumn Street Studios.” (DesignMyNight)

Now renamed simply as BLOC, this space provides the perfect blank canvas for Whirl-y-Gig’s unique colorful and friendly environment


Discover memories of whirly past by celebrating whirly present and future!

Whirl-y-Gig embodies the spirit of community in a carnival atmosphere. Bathed in rainbow rippling lights and wrapped in exotic décor, it is a festival of delights for people of all ages and places.

Dance to the Whirl-y-Beat and journey through Whirl-y-Gig's unique electronic landscape, where many diverse elements blend into one cohesive and unifying experience. From deep dubstep to funky drum'n'bass and tropical house to tribal trance, the Whirl-y-Mix embraces hints and flavours of celtic or global, classical or psychedelic, rock and pop, roots and radical. Whether it be African or European, Arabic or Asian, Whirl-y-Gig finds inspiration from around the world, yet is rooted firmly in the here and now of London's alternative club scene.

Whirl-y-Gig is an event difficult to describe and a moment difficult to miss. With a strong and loving life force, the Whirl-y-Sound is a musical heartbeat for a future global family.

Whirl Y Gig has been in existence since the 1980s and for very good reason, for a fun filled, amazing night with great music and people it is without a doubt the place to go in London."(Rock Industry June 2016)

"The intense atmosphere, the diverse clientele, that constant intimacy and openness – this is the way that Whirl-y-Gig has been since its inception in the 1980s. (Vice January 2016)

How to get there:
BLOC, 39 Autumn Street, Hackney Wick, London E3 2TT

Click here for map
Friday 23 February 2018
Ozora - One Day in London

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
Electric Brixton - Town Hall Parade London SW2 1RJ
Hours:10pm - 7am
Entrance: Early Bird tickets for now
Tickets:£14.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Trance and Techno


Ozora - One Day in London

Limited Early Bird Ticket on Sale Now !!!

Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre

Sonic Species


E Clip

Liquid Ross

Wegha (Ozora Festival)




Plus Loadsmore ot be announced
Wednesday 25 April 2018
Transition Festival 10th Anniversary

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Donana Natural Park -Almonte - Huelva (Spain)
Hours:25th - 30th April 2018
Entrance:Advance Early Bird tickets for now
Tickets:£50.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form



Transition Festival 10th Anniversary

Please Check the Festival Website for more detailed Information

Transition Festival celebrates 10 years of history in 2018. This unique gathering wants to thank you, because this party is moving foward thanks to you. There are many reasons justifying its situation, like the moment and the place it is celebrated. Transition Festival offers a particular concept: the trance dance initiation with a constructive intention, expanding human consciousness and its relation with the soul, the body, and the centre of power. Transition comes from latin ("tránsito"): change of position, estate, or concept. Its meaning is so deep that the mind tries to reject it. Remember the ego is always afraid to changes...

MAIN FLOOR:Openning Ceremony, Wednesday 25th April 2018, 22:22
This is the place where the ancient ritual of the trance dance experience is initiated, offering a unique psychedelic adventure as a synergetic reactor. There will come a moment while you are dancing, when music starts opening and you start listening things that are not really there... This is what we call Transition!

Alternative Area is about a careful combination of creative energies to create a coherent psychedelic journey. Ritual is taking care of the music program and the workshop program taking place in the Alternative Area.

Flea Market Area
The market provides a fine selection of clothes and decorating objects for your festival. This place is specially designed for families or tribes who want to contribute with their creativity to the event.

Nature, forest, magic, colours... everything is part of the decoration... each tree, bush, shadow, the moon, the stars... the sunset in front of the stage... the sunrise behind... everything is transformed into a unique and beautiful mystical adventure.

Transition is an open free party, so come and be part of it! Performers from different places around the world meet during the full moon Transition Festival to honor dancing as a form of art.

Transition Festival gives you the entire priviledge of parking and camping all in the same place in a magical location. This facility is really necessary for festivals, since we might need to save our personal stuff inside the cars or caravans while we are touring around. The camping area has been completely renewed showing a healthy aspect to all new visitors. We do encourage you to make use of the garbage deposit; this will help to keep up the area completely clean, and you will get 5 € at your departure, some useful money after the experience to take a cab, or whatever you need.

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Triplicity Music & Arts Festival Location in Mid Wales, UK to be announced soon
Hours:23 May 2018 - 29 May 2018
Entrance:Advance Ticket Holders
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance ~ Forest, Nightime, Hi Teck, Dark Prog, Progressive, Full On Psy Chill ~ Psy Dub, Psy Chill, Ambient, Psy Squelch Alternative Psychedelic Beats ~ Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Psy Breaks, Dub


Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018

After a super inspirational turn of events in 2017 that led us through a plethora of ups and downs and rounds and abouts - we had a fully gorgeous gathering of the tribes & an epic increase in vibes!

Now, we regroup and rejoin, begin to build and shape the future. Inspired once again by European adventures, German organisation & efficiency, mind blowing art, sounds, lights and underground psychedelic culture we a planning to step things up once again for Triplicity 2018!!

Some initial thoughts of upgrades in store!!

~ 6 days of camping
~ 4 days of music
~ An extensive selection of talks exploring topics from natural medicines to ancient cultures & beyond
~ An extension on our unique & beautiful art exhibition
~ A dedicated program of workshops of classes in the healing area
~ More land art, natural sculptures & fully upgraded decor all round

& we’re sure to come up with more improvements, alongside our already fully freaked out celebration of all things psychedelic & you, our most beautiful tribal family group of one.

A rude selection of all forms of international & home grown psychedelic beats:

~ Psy Trance ~ Forest, Nightime, Hi Teck, Dark Prog, Progressive, Full On
~ Psy Chill ~ Psy Dub, Psy Chill, Ambient, Psy Squelch
~ Alternative Psychedelic Beats ~ Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Psy Breaks, Dub

~ A high grade range of banging food
~ Well priced booze
~ Ethically sourced stalls to cater for all your retail therapy needs
~ World class healing area, from Qi Gong to Gong Baths there’s constant soul revival maintenance for you to explore
~ Environmentally focused & eco conscious
Sunday 22 July 2018
Boom Festival 2018 Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal
Hours:22nd-29th July 2018
Entrance:Advanced Tickets Only
Infolines:020 7267 8320
Email:Contact Form


Boom Festival 2018 - 22nd-29th July 2018

Access All Areas are official Boom Festival 2018 UK Ambassador.
Tickets available from the 19th December

<>Boom is a festival dedicated to Free Spirits from all over the world. It is the gathering of the global psychedelic tribe and of whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations!! A unpredictable and unforgettable week-long adventure, it takes place, every two years, during the full moon, on the shores of a magnificent lake in the sunny Portuguese inland where everyone is invited!

Dance Temple
The tapestry of the Dance Temple is woven by an infinite symmetrical arrangement. The threads of its sacred geometric formation outlines its definitive structure: a catalyst for spiralling, vibrational patterns of colour, light, energy, sound.

Alchemy Circle
A place dedicated to the fusion between music genres, great architecture and a positive dance floor. That's the Alchemy Circle, not an alternative stage, but one of Boom's main attractions with a superb vibe.

Chill Out Gardens
This is ambient heaven for connoisseurs of the comfort groove — and it embodies the principles of a garden designed for mental and physical relaxation.

Scare Fire
Fly into the enchanted forest at low altitude to meditate, contemplate and allow GROUNDATION to activate. The organic composition of the Sacred Fire is a pure labour of LOVE..

Liminal Village
Change begins with knowledge! As the need for a lifestyle and mentality shift becomes ever more apparent, Boom has become a cultural hub buzzing with pioneering ideas, eclectic practices and progressive plans of action and projects for positive change.

NGO Django
Collective action is the most constructive solution for re-shaping the social landscape. In order to tackle the issues that are harming not only the Sacred Earth and its biodiversity, but the Human species too, it is fundamental we join forces to bring forward new ideas and make every effort to proactively put them to use.

Art Installations
Art is the heart of Boom. It has the power to bring down invisible borders and defy physio-cultural divisions. A unifying force, it continues to takes a powerful stance at Boom.

Post-apocalyptic circus troupes, urban street artists, jugglers and fire artists with mind-boggling skills, and extraterrestrial clowns mingle with the Boomers. This cosmic carnival inspires us to return to that innocent and blissful state of mind we had as a child when the circus came to town.

Nataraj (Dance Stage)
The name is aptly inspired by the Hindu “King of the Dance”, Shiva Nataraj, or Nataraja. This highly symbolic figure conveys a never ending circle of time, as well as the rhythm of the cosmos and harmony of life. Often framed in a circle of cosmic energy, Nataraj is depicted dancing the Tandava, a dance which both creates and destroys the universe. Through this dance, Nataraj frees himself from the illusory world.

Museum of Visionary Art
From ancient times to the digital age, from shamans to hippies – whenever human beings pushed open the doors of perception, it inspired them to manifest their visual experience in an unique art form. The Museum of Visionary Art is dedicated exclusively to this art form, in all its contemporary splendour.

Being Fields
What began as a small-scale project is today one of the most sought-after areas of the festival. Formerly known as the Healing Area, the Being Fields are like stepping into a festival within a festival. This is the spiritual epicenter of Boom that radiates to the whole Boomland.

For full line up of all the stages click here
Thursday 23 August 2018
Free Earth Festival 2018

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)
Halkidiki, Greece
Hours:23 - 27 August 2018,
Entrance:Advnce tickets for now
Tickets:£89.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Progressive, Fullon, Psychedelic Trance


Free Earth Festival next 2 The Beach

There is a wealth of information on the festival Website

Free Earth Festival is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor festival scene. A family gathering about Ecology, Music and Culture, at an amazing beach location at Halkidiki, Greece! A massive production with 3 music stages, cultural areas, exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, world-class artists… and a Global message!

Coexistence in unity with nature and other living forms is a conscious bequest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture.

Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor festival scene. A family gathering about Ecology, Music and Culture, at an amazing beach location at Halkidiki, Greece!

A massive production with 3 music stages, cultural areas, exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, world-class artists… and a Global message!

Coexistence in unity with nature and other living forms is a conscious bequest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture.

Free Earth Festival is coming back bigger, stronger and more determined to rock your summer with an amazing 4th edition!

We will welcome 3000 festival lovers from over 75 different countries to our “Full Moon Edition” of 2018.

We have many surprises for you, for all music & eco-lovers!

We have upgraded our festival with an amazing beach venue! The lush environment, the amazing sea & beach, the beautiful forest and the superb festival & camping areas of our venue, convinced us to move from the original river location in Ancient Olympia (2013 & 2014) and make Halkidiki our new home, since 2016!

This year festival will host over 100 artists, in 5 days, on 3 stages.

Enlightenment Stage || Parvati (Records) Stage || Oxygen Stage

Ultra-spectacular Audio-Visual shows will be presented, a massive production with exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, unique performers and world-class artists

* 5 Days Festival / 7 Days Camping * Official Welcome & After Parties * Unique Nature & Sea

+ Top International & Greek Artists on 3 Stages + Amazing decorations & Art Installations
+ State of the Art Sound Systems to blow you away + Spectacular Lights and Visuals by Top International Artists
+ Secluded Camping Venue with Amazing Sea + Walkways & big open spaces by the Sea
+ Healing Area with Lecture programs, Workshops, Yoga, Therapies + Children’s Area
+ Show Dancers, Fire Performances, and Festival Entertainers + International Market area
+ Restaurants with Greek & International delicacies + Shaded Camping Zones & Parking at your Tent for Campers
+ Accommodation available in area + Toilets & Showers, 24h Maintenance + Friendly Security for your safety
+ 24 Hour First Aid & Counseling Tent + Bus Festival Transport From Athens, Thessaloniki, Skopje, Serbia and other Balkan countries