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Saturday 2 May 2015
The Psychedelic Way

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

London Outdoors Venue
Hours:2nd May 2015
Tickets:£12.50 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:020 7267 8320
020 7267 6148
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


The Psychedelic Way ~ Forestry Committee Meeting

Advance Ticket online very soon !

Come and join us to share the ourdoor joy in psychedelic way! ;)
Location details will be disclosed to the ticket holders near the date of the event.

Main Stage Lineup:

* Confo (Parvati Records) LIVE - First time in the UK

* Elowinz (Parvati Records / Vantara Vichitra Records) LIVE - First time in the UK

* Jotunn (Treetrolla Records) LIVE

* Tots (Mushroom Hunters Records / Grimm Records) DJ

* Full Lotus (Mushroom Hunters Records) DJ

* Psykia (Vantara Vichitra Records / Milega Records) DJ

* Andreground (Treetrolla Records) DJ

* Conarium (Conarium Visuals) DJ
* Nogoa (The Psychedelic Way) DJ

* Dark Lox (The Psychedelic Way) DJ

Alternative Stage Lineup:
Psy Chi - Feather - Surge - Danny Wasp - Dibs - The People's Floet - DJ Hursh - Wizard Om - Lloyd


* Conarium Visuals

* Hyper Icons (Spirit Medicine crew, Ukraine)

* Dan Catt

* Transcendental Spirit

* The Psychedelic Way


* Open Source

* Vvvlad

Camping area, fire performances, chai shop, professional security...

more to be confirmed...
Saturday 9 May 2015
Tribal Village

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Please note change of Venue
@ The Steelyard 13-16 Allhallows Lane EC4R 3UL
London, UK
Tickets:£23.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:AAA 02072678320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure...

Tribal Village is the playground of the wanderers, the explorers, the mystics and the magicians. It is where our subconscious guides us in search of a story, where we find new beginnings, or where journeys complete their circle.

Tribal Village is our collective space, to explore the infinite realms of consciousness, and to re-discover our human experience from which we are disconnected. It is where the universe travels around us, instead of us traversing the universe. It is where we can explode and re-construct, where we can invigorate our imagination, and it is where we can suspend our fears and glimpse freedom, for a moment.

Take the road through Tribal Village! A hiatus from your long adventure is due; we have enchantment to share and tales to tell, wonder to bestow and people to meet.

Relight the fire! The tribes are gathering again in 2015…

...with Two Rooms,
15 Artists - Amazing Deco by Flowers Of Life, Finland - Laser Show by Subsonic Systems - Clear Sound - Chai Bar by Soma PsyLounge - Stall by Lillycat - Face Painting - Healing Area by Delia Akasha - Massage - Inversion Therapy and Osteopathy by Alex Hickman - Poi Performers - Jugglers - 800 people capacity...friendly security...smoking area

Playground ---Line Up

Andy Force (UK)

Aphid Moon Live (UK)

Alexampt (South Africa)

Bahar Canca (Turkey)

Bedouin (UK)

Cylon Live (Japan) First Time In UK

Dani (UK)

Dj Foose (Belgium)

Flibbertigibbet (New Zealand)

Jay Om (UK)

Imry (Italy)

Michu Kriegel (Spain)

Moka Mafia Live (Sardinia)

O.C.D. Live (South Africa) World Wide Debut!!

Wayfarers (Uk/Italy) World Wide Debut!!
Friday 15 May 2015
Event: Tristan + Special Guest Goa Jonas @ inSpiral

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

inSpiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street, London, NW1 8QS
Entrance:£7 limited
Tickets:£6.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:0207 267 8320
Email:Contact Form



Event: Tristan + Special Guest Goa Jonas
Facebook Event:

Just before the summer festival season, DJ Tristan comes home to inSpiral lounge along with special guest, Goa Jonas, for a blasting Psytrance party. This will be night of top quality music and with a unique vibe like nothing else in Trance.

DJ Tristan has been at the forefront of the Trance scene for the past 20 years and for the past 4 years has been Inspiral’s one and only resident psytrance artist. There are 2 special party’s a year with Tristan and his special guest, which have gained a solid reputation at home and abroad for high quality music with a dedicated crowd and the best vibe in London.

Tristan has been a leading artist on the psytrance circuit since the mid 90’s who is still at the top and even more popular than ever. His production skills are immaculate, as well as his music and the sheer enthusiasm in which he delivers it, that enables him to consistently rock dance floors worldwide. He has travelled to many parts of the world through his work including New York, Tokyo, Israel, Paris, South Africa, Brazil, Zambia and many more. His DJ career has risen hand in hand with the production in the studio, which has included many collaborations with artists such as Manmademan, Process, 100th monkey, Dick Trevor (of green nuns fame), and Avalon (the other half of Killerwatts).

Thursday 21 May 2015
Small World Spring Festival 2015 Headcorn, Kent
Hours:21st - 25th May 2015
Entrance:Advanced tickets only
Email:Contact Form

Music: Gypsy Jazz - Celtic - Ska - Swing - Balkan - Funk - Latin Bluegrass - Alt Country - African - Cabaret - Folk - Americana - Acoustic - Bhajan - Singer/Songwriter - Spoken Word - Walkabouts - Buskers - Campfire sessions - Cafe Jams


Small World Spring Festival 2015

A five day festival of creative spirit & sustainable living. Powered by the wind and sun.

Please click here for Tickets

Held on a beautiful site deep in Kent. Intimate, intense, warm and colourful, the way festival goers love. Small and safe so parents and children can relax and have fun.

A sustainable community celebrating the sheer joy of creativity, trust and love. An intoxicating blend of performers, artists, healers, craftspeople, colourful characters, jesters, magicians, families and party people. All run off the equivalent of one kettle.

Wild and Wonderful:
Gypsy Jazz - Celtic - Ska - Swing - Balkan - Funk - Latin - Bluegrass - Alt Country - African - Cabaret

Soft & beautiful:
Folk - Americana - Acoustic - Bhajan - Singer/Songwriter - Spoken Word - Walkabouts - Buskers - Campfire sessions - Cafe Jams

A wonderful kids area situated on the “village green” - Creative Play - Theatre - Music - Dress-up - Science Workshops - Arts and Craft - Parade - Kids Show

Thai Massage - Reiki - Reflexology - Aruveydic Massage - Aroma Therapy - Flower Remedies - Colour Therapy - Sound Healing - Shamanic Journeying

Music - Dance - Sound - Craft - Renewable Energy - Sustainable Living - Permaculture - Healing - Yoga - Astronomy - Clay work and Body Casting - Juggling - Poi

A space to chill with friends or get involved in what’s going on Circus skills leading to a fire show - Stage skills leading to stage performances

Delicious vegetarian food, locally produced and organic wherever possible, hot drinks, fresh juices , freshly made cakes and snacks. Watch a performance whilst you eat and drink, all the cafes have stages

Saunas and Showers - Herbal First Aid - Recyling Policy - Communal Fires - Fire Show - Parade - 24 Hour Shuttle Bus
Sunrise Celebration 2015

Online ticket order

Chepstow Estate, Somerset, UK
Hours:21st - 24th May 2015
Entrance:Advanced Tickets Only
Tickets:£122.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form



Sunrise Celebration 2015

A message from the Team at Sunrise 2014

Thank you so much...all of you! For the smiles and the hugs, for the laughter and the tears shared over a pint of cider or on the dance floor or in a ceremony or over a wood fire. For the random encounters with new friends made and old friends found again- this is what makes Sunrise Sunrise! Bless you all for your good vibes and see you in 2015! Lots of love, the Sunrise Team xxx

Sunrise Celebration is an event held entirely in aid of natural communities foundation Charity Reg. No: 1141295

Sunrise 2015 Line up Announcement

Kosheen (Unplugged) * Sam and the Womp * Holotronica (Live 3D Show) * System 7 * Lazy Habits *Laid Blak * King Porter Stomp * Kalakuta Millionaires * Mezzowave ft. Alison David * Rodney Branigan * Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove * Charlie Miller & the Soul Agents

We are delighted that spellbinding Welsh songstress Sian Evans is headlining as Kosheen Unplugged. The raw power of Sian's performance last year was a highlight of the Festival with so many of you telling us how blown away you were, we heard you loud and clear so we asked Sian back this year to top the bill. Prepare to be deeply moved by this Celtic poetic powerhouse.

Next up is the mighty System 7 who have been thrilling Sunrise fans since 2006. We are honoured that one of the great pioneering names in dance music will be joining us again and we know from your feedback that these fore fathers of techno, ambient and electronica will seriously rock your boat. Memories are made of this.

In keeping with the electronica theme we will have the jaw dropping Holotronica show a groundbreaking new 3D AV project from Stuart Warren-Hill of Ninja Tune/Hexstatic fame. It is the first time this immersive light and music show will be seen at any UK Music Festival and will take you on a journey around a 3D space station and flying above the streets of Tokyo to a heavy electronic retro-moog inspired soundtrack. The show promises to leave all who watch it spell bound. 3D glasses will be provided on the night.
Saturday Night is Electro Swing Club Party Night!

Saturday night is party night at Sunrise 2015, with the Electro Swing Club. Hosted by DJ’s Chris Tofu and Tall Will, with some of the best big show bands, live dancers and cabaret, the Saturday night line up promises to raise the roof on the Sunrise main stage tent for the festival’s big 10th Anniversary party night.

The first Electro Swing Club band to be announced is; Sam and the Womp, who shot to fame in 2012 when “Bom Bom”, reached number 1. Their fusion of swing, brass band remix, hip-hop and sweeping sub basses makes them one of the best ‘must see’ live festival bands.

Sunrise wouldn’t be complete without its favourite big band, hip hop groups and this year we have three of the best live underground acts the UK has to offer: Lazy Habits, Laid Blak and King Porter Stomp. Each of these bands has brought the house down in previous years and 2015 promises to see them back where they belong - giving Sunrisers an epic party!

To complete the first line up are critically acclaimed 10 piece Kalakuta Millionaires who will stun you with their soulful global Afro-funk rhythms, alongside the soul infused electronica of their Big Chill Label mates Mezzowave ft. Alison David.
Plus the up and coming dirty rock band Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove, two guitar playing genius, Rodney Branigan, Charlie Miller and the Soul Agents and JC's Hopeless Sinners ...and there is plenty more to come in the new year!

***Line-Up So Far***

Sian Evans (KOSHEEN) Unplugged - Sam And The Womp - Gms - Krafty Kuts - Far Too Loud - Laid Blak - Lazy Habits - King Porter Stomp - Morten Granau -1200 Mics (DJ Set) - System 7 Holotronica - Laughing Buddha - Avalon - Deekline - Kalakuta Millionaires - Mezzowave Ft. Alison David - Sonic Species - Ed Solo - Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove - Future Frequency - Jungle Cakes - Charlie Miller & The Soul Agents - Jc's Hopeless Sinners - Rodney Branigan - Djs Chris Tofu And Tall Will -Soundaholix (DJ Set) - Growling Machines (DJ Set) - Juggling - Mirror System (DJ Set) - Itchy And Skratchy - Liquid Ross - Tongue And Groove - Final Conflict - Leuce Rhythms - Matt Lickess - Nanosphere - Steve Podmore - 2cbeebies - Dexter - Llamaleaf - Ee'sh - Sly Fandango - Mazzord Funkliners - Emma Clair - Off Beat Rippleton - Fighty - Colour - Soluble Sounds - Matt Ma 6 - Kallima - Workshy Rene - Kotch - Bear Twists

Saturday 23 May 2015
MoDem Festival UK teaser 2015

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

One Secret Location / UK
Hours:10pm till very late
Entrance:More at the Door
Tickets:£20.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:Nearer the time meanwhile use contact form
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Boogie Fest & Psynon Recs welcome you to ***MoDem Festival UK teaser 2015***

Boogie Fest & Psynon recs together welcome you to MoDem Festival UK teaser 2015 hosting the finest Underground Psychedelic musicians & visual artists pushing the boundaries for one night to remember!


Grapes of Wrath ***Live*** (Parvati recs / Denmark)
Jahbo *** Live + Dj set *** (Parvati recs / Denmark)
Onkel Dunkell ***Live*** (Parvati recs / Denmark)
HigherWattska *** UK Live Debut*** (Psynon Recs / South Africa)
Harmonic Rebell *** Live *** (Psynon recs / Poland)
Nomad25 *** Live *** (Psynon recs / Spain)
Jibba (Psynon Recs/UK)
Vert3x (Psynon Recs/UK)
Novovratic (Woodog recs/UK)

Plus one MEGA SPECIAL Production featuring the most talented visual artists to be revealed soon!

All together highlighting MoDem Festival happening on 19 – 24 August / Primislje, Croatia

Saturday 30 May 2015
Elixir of Life presents: Technical Ecstasy

Online ticket order

Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade, Brixton, London, SW2 1RJ
Tickets:£20.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Progressive and Psychedelic Trance


Elixir of Life presents:"Technical Ecstasy"

Main Stage - Psychedelic Techno Trance ::

Liquid Soul
Sonic Species
Shane Gobi

Second Room - London's Finest Underground Sounds

Bahar Canca
Neill Moore
Nikki S
Aza Dee
The Masters

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

The Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, London SE1 6TJ
Entrance:More at the door
Tickets:£23.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Techno


The Masters at the The Coronet

Line-Up So Far

Room 1 (10pm-7am)

Frank Kvitta
Mario Ranieri (First Time in London)
Guigoo (Narkotek)
Seno (Narkotek)
Weser (Narkotek)
Mark Axel (MFM Sound)
Marcello Perri (Hydraulix)

Second Room (11pm-7am)

Ed Cox (Life 4 Land)
Block Dodger (Trust in Musicmute8,Close2death)
Jnk (Acme Soundz)
Dj Moocha (Acme Soundz)
Mr Hyde (Acme Soundz)
Void b2b P739 (Trauma)
Serkus (Roouh Records)
Thursday 18 June 2015
Be-In Gathering 2015

Online ticket order

Boom Land, Idanha-a-Velha, Portugal
Hours:18th-22nd June 2015
Entrance:Limited Advanced Tickets
Tickets:£84.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: connect with our roots, explore holistic healing modalities and move to the sounds of Organic Trance, Sacred and Tribal music


Be-In Gathering 2015

The Be-In is a meeting point for 5000 people (limited capacity) that want to connect with our roots, explore holistic healing modalities and move to the beat of Organic Trance. Celebrate the Summer Solstice with your global community, the sun warming our hearts to the shining beauty of a more sustainable lifestyle!

After the Full Moon of August 2014, the magic web of interconnected realities we created is still alive and pulsing in our hearts and minds all across the planet.

Surrounded by the lake’s purifying waters, century old trees, and a sky of infinite possibilities, the magic of the Boom Land inspires us, Here and Now, to create the world we wish to live in. We are learning to thrive in a time of Great Transition and to become more aware of our inner selves as part of the Other, the Whole, the All.

We need more collective moments of inner/outer alignment and reconnection, out of the matrix. Moments where we ground ourselves with a more spiritual and holistic side of our own.

Experiences at the Boom Land have become seeds for a whole new vision, a Garden of Delights embracing a vibrant, global family.

As these seeds begin to blossom, we invite you to the Boom Land for a gathering during Summer Solstice 2015!

It’s an opportunity to experience the Boom Land with milder weather conditions (June is less hot than August!).

The Be-In program spans across 4 days of healing workshops, spirituality, wellness, yoga, meditation, massages, temazcal and watsu all designed to help nurture your own health, wellbeing and happiness.

Disconnecting from mass technology, the ancestral rhythms of the Earth will help guide us toward balance and harmony. The Be-In is an acoustic music, organic trance, sacred and tribal music gathering. It will NOT have electronic trance. It is NOT a mini Boom Festival. Connecting contemporary trance music with older musical traditions and sacred sounds of the world, we will celebrate and dance with the best bands of the genre.

Celebrate the Solstice with your global community, the sun warming our hearts to the shining beauty of a more sustainable lifestyle!

Relax, enjoy, connect with spirit, your body, and this precious and inspiring land that holds so many lessons for us…

The Be-In 2015 Will Feature

4 days of workshops, master classes, lectures, therapies and healing sessions
3 nights of live Organic Trance (trance played with live instruments not electronic devices), Sacred and Tribal Music
Organic, conscious and local food
Ecstatic Dance
Massages and therapies: Thai, Shiatsu, Yoga, Ayurvedic and many others
Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu
Kids Activities
Alternative Medical Care
And much more!


The Be-In is NOT a Mini Boom Festival. The Be-In is not Boom Festival.

The Be-In is produced by the Boom Team and several other friends and activists, though it is a totally different concept.
Friday 26 June 2015
Astral Circus

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6LH
Entrance:Limited Early Birds for now
Tickets:£6.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Astral Circus

Limited Early Birds for now

The wait is finally over!! Astral Circus returns with another night full of psychedelic magic and creative energy.

Astral Circus is a realm of self-expression and mutual insight. We endeavour to cultivate an interactive experience that stimulates beyond the senses, and unlocks the innate creativity possessed by each and every one of us.

Lets animate our vision - together!

Astral Circus residents
Plus amazing guests
2 rooms of psytrance & alternative
Cognitive Dissidents decor
Outdoor smoking area & terrace
Filled with friendly & fabulous party people!!

★★ UV decor & projections by Cognitive Dissidents ★★
Thursday 9 July 2015
Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2015

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Coney Woods, Noseley, Market Harborough, GB
Hours:9 July 2015 at 15:00 to 12 July 2015 at 22:00 in UTC+01
Entrance:Advanced tickets only
Tickets:£136.21 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Electro, Glitch and Breaks, through House and Disco, via the Noisily mainstay of Progressive Techno, Psychedelic Trance


Noisily Festival 2015

Set deep in the rolling hills of Leicestershire at the heart of rural England, Noisily Festival of Electronic Music and Arts lies in one of the most beautiful wooded valleys in the country. Totally contained amongst the trees creating a safe haven where hedonism and escapism can flourish and thrive, Noisily Festival 2015 will play host to some of the most exciting musical talent from the UK and abroad, along with a plethora of performance, innovative installations and mind bending visual arts.

You can expect to hear an extremely diverse collection of music; ranging from Electro, Glitch and Breaks, through House and Disco, via the Noisily mainstay of Progressive Techno, to the considerably beefed up Psychedelic line up with the traditional Psychedelic Sunday now including Friday and Saturday as well.

2014 saw the expansion of the site and arrival of the infamous Liquid Stage; after a decade at the sorely missed Glade Festival, Liquid Records has found a new spiritual home amongst the kindred spirits and like-minded ravers in sunny Leicestershire.

2nd Wave Line-up announced

Eitan Reiter – Josko - John Monkman - Stephan Bodzin - Human Element - Whyt Noyz – Gaudium - Emok - Victor Ruiz - Boris Brejcha - James Monro – Nanoplex – Audley - William Breakspear – Terrorbyte - Itchy & Skratchy DJ’s - Your Niece - Mouldy Soul - MC Xander – OdjBox - Ital Tek - Specimen A - Mental Broadcast - Renegade DJ – Hopi – 4D - Sonic Species - John 00 Fleming - Kaya Project – Loud – Darshan - Dick Trevor – Outsiders – Grouch - Parasense
Monday 13 July 2015
Neon International Psychedelic Music & Art Festival

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Dagyenice Lake Bursa - Turkey (1.5 Hours to ISTANBUL)
Hours:13th-16th July 2015
Entrance:125 Euros
Tickets:£74.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Music & Art


Neon International Psychedelic Music & Art Festival

Welcome to the Neon International Psychedelic Music and Art Festival event page!

Festival located in Bursa / Turkey, which is almost 2 hours to Istanbul. There will be shuttle's from airports and from ferry ports.

Confirmed Artists by FMBooking and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors!

Allyson Grey & Alex Grey - Live Painting, Meet & Greet, Book Signing

Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat - LIVE!

Captain Hook - LIVE!

Liquid Soul (official) - LIVE!

Perfect Stranger - LIVE!

Animato - LIVE!

Please check event facebook and festival website for more than +100 DJ's and performers!

Events and Installations
- 3D Sound System - 4D Dance Floor - Main Stage & Chill-Reggae Stage
- Attractions, Games and Lots of fun are waiting you!

Please note that Advance tickets from Access All Areaa are priced in in UK Sterling (GBP) and include our service charge
Sunday 19 July 2015
Solar United Natives (S.U.N.) 2015 Csobánkapuszta, Nograd, Hungary
Hours:19th-26th July 2015
Entrance:Membership Only
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Solar United Natives (S.U.N.) 2015

Memberships are now online

Please click here for Memberships

Solar United Natives is an open community that welcomes everyone sharing the same values and mentality. This is totally different from last years’ festival concepts, and only a handful of the previous team members have remained. This project is an initiative to save the original, noble idea once called 'S.U.N.'. It’s a revolutionary concept, based on direct democracy and crowd-funding, that is led by the members of a non-profit organisation. This is the spirit of the S.U.N.: it shines for everyone !!!

Therefore this is a gathering which welcomes everybody who feels being a part of our family: young, old or even children with their parents, as this is really a family gathering in every way:

The land in Csobánkapuszta is really special, in many ways. It's beautiful with the various green areas and the lake, it has an ancient history, and it's located in a hidden region. The whole place is very exciting. We started some area re-cultivation and experimenting with environmentally friendly techniques like the organic structures planted last year.

It is also important to mention that from this year the gatherings are 'members-only' events, so there will be no tickets sold at the gates, also the number of visitors is limited. We believe that this will help to create a gathering that puts less pressure on our Mother Earth, that is safe and secure and has well-sized infrastructure with enough water, showers and toilets.

Monday 3 August 2015
O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015

Online ticket order

Dádpuszta, Hungary
Hours:3rd-9th August 2015
Entrance:Phase 3: € 130 – at the gate,
Tickets:£89.50 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Trance


O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015

**Please note that Phase 2 Tickets are online**

Please click here for Advance Tickets

Fellow Ozorians, Sisters and Brothers! Thank you all for another amazing year, for making O.Z.O.R.A. 2014.

Please keep up with updates on festival website and Facebook

For the latest news, please visit: The Ozorian Prophet
Tuesday 11 August 2015
Freedom Festival 2015

Online ticket order
(Electronic Ticket)

Hours:11th-16th August 2015
Entrance:Phase 2 Advanced tickets from 15th April
Tickets:£66.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psychedelic Trance


Freedom Festival 2015
Phase 1: From 9th January 2015 until 3rd April 2015 *Now offline until the 15th April***

Phase 2: From 15th April until 20th July 2015- ***Online Now***

10 Years of Freedom Festival

Were hundreds of unforgettable moments that experienced together with more than 40,000 trancers of over 100 countries.
Bi annually Freedom is the culmination of a creative and collective energy. Edition after edition there are new challenges for cooperation and synergy between design, construction, programming and organization.
2015 will be the tenth anniversary of the birth of the festival, an additional responsibility to the global community of travelers visiting Portugal.

We recall our archive of memories, a collection of memories, stories and reviews that make us rethink, learn and reinvent ourselves.

The next edition of Freedom will be more connected to Earth, to the present, with a more humane and scientific character. A full program of amazing international artists worked out in an accurate conceptualization.

Light and Life

LIGHT plays a central role in human ACTIVITIES. On the most fundamental level through photosynthesis, LIGHTt is necessary to the existence of LIFE itself, and the many applications of light have revolutionized society through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture. Industries based on light are major economic drivers, and light-based technologies directly respond to the needs of humankind by providing access to information, promoting sustainable development, and increasing societal health and well-being.

The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) is a global initiative that will highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society.

Main Floor (new location by the Lake) Chill Out & Experience Lodge Area, Concerts, Workshops, Art Exhibitions, Funky Beats. Alternative Area, International shops
estaurant area and much more!!!!!

Artists Confirmed So Far

Ace Ventura-Isr - Neelix-Ger - Tristan-Uk - Talamasca-Fr - Avalon-Uk - Prana (retro ive)-Japan - Sesto Sento-Isr - Sonic Species-Uk - Ajja-Swi - Cosmosis-Uk - BrainCell-Swi - Coming Soon-Isr - Atriohm-Macedonia - Bizzare Contact-Isr - Z-Cat-Rus - Orca-Isr
Zen Mechanics-Nl - Spade-Isr - Gotalien-Ita - Killer Watts-Uk - Painkiller-Isr - Ocelot-Usa - Kashyyyk-Mex - Outsiders-Isr - kyfall-Pt - Xsi-Fr - Ananda Shake-Isr - The DarkFace-Spa - Vini Vici-Isr - Oxidaksi-Isr - Twisted Kala-Fr - Dni-Bra - Khopat-Pt - Alienn-Pt - Sick Addiction-PtMimic Vat-Pt - Ulvae-Pt - D Maniac-Pt - Tryambaka-Pt - Myrah-Pt - Psilocybe Project-Pt - Kligon-Pt - Akés-Pt - Sustain-PtDemosys-pt


Shpongle (by Raja Ram)-Uk - Tsuyoshi Suzuki-Japan - Shane Gobi-Uk - Raja Ram-Uk - Xp - oodoo-Rus - Paul Taylor-Austr - Rastaliens-Swi - Lucas-Uk - Mat Mushroom-Ger - Lord - lames-Spa - Guapa Lee - Pt - Paulo Lopes-Pt - Audiact vs Heavenoise-Pt - - Ganeisha-Pt - Juggler-Pt - Surya Namaskar-Pt - Diogo-Pt - Hypnottik Attack-Pt - Night Lurk -Pt - - Tinker-Pt - Last Call-Pt - Battousai-Pt - Swami-Pt - Logic.-Pt - Dazzle Beat-Pt - Frost Bite-Pt - Kafar-Pt

More Acts & Djs will be announced soon……………………………
Thursday 27 August 2015
Psy Fi Festival 2015

Online ticket order

Leeuwarden - Netherlands
Hours:27th-31st August 2015
Entrance:100 Euros
Tickets:£73.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:+44 (0)20 7267 8320
+44 (0)20 7267 6148
Email:Contact Form

Music: Psy Trance


Psy Fi Festival PSY-FI "Out of the Void" :
-5 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic trance!!!!

The void is a place in space and time where there is absolutely nothing but total darkness… Except for one thing, unlimited potential for anything to come into existence. With our consciousness and imagination we can manifest anything out of the void. A new world, new ideas and new ways, art, anything you want. Think of the big bang theory, how there once was nothing and now here we are.

Out of the darkness came the light.

The time for change is here. We are an ever growing and strong global family of peaceful souls. Our wish is to inform, inspire and awaken people of all nations and cultures to get together for a week of music, arts and spiritual awakening. Lets unite as one as an example to the rest of the world.

Join us on this wonderful journey

6 Beaches - 5 Stages - 2 Islands - Swim lakes - Outdoor open 24/7 - pre and after party - Free camping on the lake side - Supermarket - Huge international market street on the beach - 400m2 Art gallery displaying the worlds finest Psychedelic art - Full moon masquerade ball - Wood fired hot-tubs - Flea market - post office - Healing garden - Lecture program - Workshops - Ambient forest - Art installations - Open air -cinema - Head shops - Massive international line-up - Campfires on the beach - Dinner on the beach - Sweat lodge - Hot and cold Showers - Lockers - Dog pension - Massage - Laser shows - 3d Projections - Mushroom ceremonies - Fire performances - Lots and lots of nature

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Please note that Phase 3 Ticket price is in UK sterling (GBP) and Include our Service. Postage will be added depending which country it has to be delivered
Saturday 19 September 2015
Earthdance Awakening

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Electric Brixton. Town Hall Parade. London. SW2 1RJ
Hours:10pm -6am
Entrance:Limited Early Birds from 1st April
Tickets:£13.00 (incl booking fee)
Infolines:0207 267 8320
Email:Contact Form

Music: Trance Dance


Earthdance - The Global Peace Party ♥ @ Electric

Online Tickets sales from the 1st April

**Early Bird Tickets Ł11.00 + Bfee

Earthdance is the world’s largest annual synchronized global music and dance event for peace. Since 1997, Earthdance has been held in over 600 locations in 60 countries, and presented thousands of DJs and artists.

The highlight of the Earthdance global event is the Prayer for Peace music track, played at the same moment at all locations.

Over its 19 year history, Earthdance events have provided support to hundreds of peace, sustainability, and social justice charities. Earthdance is aligned with the global United Nations Peace Day observance, held on September 21st each year.

2015 Theme: 'AWAKENING'

Line Up
Special Guests to be announced soon!

Main Room / Temple of Awakening: Psy Trance

Room 2/ Gaia's Womb: Chill & downtempo

Unique projections & visuals ★ Healing area ★ Chill lounge with comfy beanbags ★ UV Stalls ★ UV Facepainting ★ Peace Tree ★ Performers ★

Earthdance London is a conscious event. Created with love, magic, divine intention, and more love! ;) ♥
Monday 28 December 2015
Universo Paralello NYE Festival (Brazil)

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Praia de Pratigi- BA
Ituberá, Brazil
Hours:28th Dec 2015 - 4th January 2016
Entrance:Advanced Tickets
Tickets:£101.00 (incl booking fee)
Email:Contact Form

Music: Universal


Universo Paralello #13!!!

We wish you all a great end of year full of good health, love, happiness and psychedelic!!! Upcoming infos soon. UP Crew!

Tickets online soon

With a lot of joy, we are happy to annunce the start of the ticket sales for UP# 13!!!

15 years ago a small New Year´s Eve party happened in the mountains of Brazilian Planalto Central. Responding the call, a few hundred people came from all over the country and gathered to build what would be the first Universo Paralello Festival.
And 3 editions were held in the magic lands of Chapada dos Veadeiros. Three epic events, amazingly challenging, for the crowd who faced the non-stopping rain that marks this time of the year there, as well as for the organizers.

Finally, the festival is strong and respectful enough to realize such a big and important edition. 13, the starting point for editions 14, 15, 16… and the guest artists will be of great stature, more than ever in this great event.

The event will happen from the 28th of December of 2015 until the 4th of January of 2016! The following items are included in the price of the tickets:

• 9 days of camping • 7 days of music

• 5 stages • Shows and Performances • Artistic and Cultural Activities • Monitored recreational area for the infants • Holistic Therapies

• Security • Life guards 24hrs • Medical Station 24hrs

• Info Stand • Communal Kitchen • Showers (with treated water) • Toilets (with 24hrs maintainance) • Refreshing water sprays for the main stage • Ecological trail through the Atlantic Forest, well flagged, lit and open to the public from the roundabout to the main gates • 24 hours FREE TRANSPORT, from the main gates to the central food court area • Expresso Circular: Free tour, circling the festival

• Restaurants* • Snack bars* • Bar services* • Flea Market* • Internet* • Pharmacy* • Lockers* • Parking with security* • Tourism agencies with online service* • Public Transport with friendly prices from the roundabout to the main gates with scheduled times (optional)* • Transportation of luggage with wheelbarrow with fixed and tabulated prices.

A important news that we will like to share before anything else, is that this year our public will be able to count on FREE TRANSPORT from the main gates to the central food court. The CIRCULAR EXPRESS, will also be going around the festival areas and will be available for the use of the public. Shortly more information on the functioning of this service on our website.
Tuesday 29 December 2015
Psydoors To be Confirmed
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Music: Psy Trance


Psychedelic Indoor Gathering

Details to follow ...........