A five day festival of creative spirit & sustainable living.
Powered by the wind and sun.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before buying your ticket

1) Due to the number of Dogs onsite getting out of hand, we are sadly having to reintroduce our strictly NO DOG POLICY.

2) We are running out of space, as any of you that have been before can tell you. This is mostly due to the cheapness and size of modern tents, they appear to have doubled in size since we started the festival many events ago

If there is a large group of you, do you all need a family sized tent or can you share a kitchen and front room and bring a reasonable sized tent to sleep in? If there is just one or two of you do you need a family sized tent? We ask you to meet you neighbours and camp close together and use communal fires - in burners.

3) To reduce car usage please use the shuttle bus that runs into the village and it's station on a regular basis 24hrs a day. You can find out the shuttle bus times from the front gate.

4) No Glass bottles, especially beer bottles.

5) Please keep any valuables you bring safe. Perhaps lock them out of sight in the boot of your car.

6) Alcohol will not be for sale onsite and the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

7) Large vehicles will only be allowed on-site with prior arrangement.

8) Cars will be parked near but separately to your tent so be prepared.

9) This is a low impact predominantly acoustic event, so unauthorised sound systems of any size are not allowed.

10) Please sort you recycling carefully, as some poor member of our community has to sort through, by hand, any mixed bag. Or better still take your rubbish home with you.

11) Please do not tie rubbish bags to the barbed wire fencing, it is a hazard to the Cows.
You are not a Cow, please stay out of their field.

12) We have fully functioning compost loos, which will be cleaned regularly. If you find them lacking in paper, or in a mess, please let the stewards know. Please use the loos not the neighbours field, not only is it rude it endangers the life of our festival.

13)The stewards are located in dome the car park, at the entrance to the main field at the other end of the tree line from the toilets. The stewards are there to help you and are there 24 hours to assist you.

Love love love

Pony, Emma, and all the Small World Crews

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